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Who in your neighbourhood might you describe as a character?

Asked by ucme (49333points) 1 month ago

You know, a person you see frequently who displays a personality or trait that is gloriously out of the ordinary.

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There’s this old bloke we see often wandering around town playing his harmonica.
He will stop, shake your hand & a warm grin plays across his heavily whiskered lips.
I think he’s fantastic!

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Well, there is this one guy, we call him “Detlef the demented doggy diddler”.

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I perhaps should’ve made myself clear, family members don’t count!

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We have several. We had one, a 20-something guy that originally rode a bike around the neighborhood and later traded it in for a skate board. He would sing at the top of his voice every where he went. He had a checkered past, many brushes with the law, and had moved in with his father. Eventually he got killed riding his skate board up the middle of a busy highway. At night. In dark clothes.

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“Wig Lady”
She has some wild looking wigs that have seen better days. One is jet black, the other platinum blonde.
I’d say she’s probably in her mid 70’s and is in great shape. She rides a bicycle everywhere, even in winter.
I have seen her all over the place, far from home, riding her bike.
There is also a man that sings as he walks down the street.I have only heard him at night so I don’t really know what he looks like.
When we were looking at the house to buy that we now live in, I glanced out the back window to see an older woman shaving her legs in a bucket on her back porch.
That is when I knew we had to buy this
She had three adult sons. One, I caught standing on a bucket to look over my fence. The other was the one who walked into my bathroom while I was in the shower.
The third gave me dirty looks after the police hauled his brother away. Lol
There are many more interesting people in my neighborhood

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Jackie across the street. Widowed older hoarder and feral cat feeder. She literally made a sign in her yard saying my name please help her run for Mayor. No phone call, no mailbox talk. Sign just showed up so I asked her about, told her it was in a year. It’s still up.

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In my neighborhood, I’m it.
Whaddya wanna know?

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@Patty_Melt Oh, just all your dirty secrets that’s all :D

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You want MY secrets?
You can’t handle MY secrets!

His name was Juan. They called him Gumby…

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Lots of them.

There’s “Crazy Lady”, an older gal who stands in her doorway screaming at her 40+ year-old live-in son as he does yard work — “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!”

There’s “Mike’s Wife” who has no qualms about discussing loudly how dumb her husband is to anyone who will listen, or straight to Mike’s face.

There’s the “Blended Redheads” which is a mom, step-dad, and adult son and daughter who’s giant Great Dane and Coli regularly escape their yard and allude them as they search throughout the neighborhood. Only to simply return to the yard on their own.

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I work two blocks from my home. We have Crazy Russian Germaphobe and Pornhub Dude in the neighborhood. CRG is a jerk. He wears gloves and holds his breath around you. Pornhub dude comes into my work with his girlfriend who wears a dog collar and leash. He asks us for the messiest food for his dog.

There’s also the cute French family with their young daughter who rides a unicycle as they stroll the neighborhood.

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