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Why do people think that charging a "rehoming fee" somehow guarantees the dog won't end up being used for fighting?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41747points) 1 month ago

There is no way that charging someone 20 bucks is going to keep the dog safe. What do you suppose their logic really is?

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I don’t know what a rehoming fee is.

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If you look on Facebook in a pet page people are basically giving their animal away for free, except for a “rehoming” fee, usually $20, with the idea that it will somehow ensure the animal will go to a good home.

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Oh, thanks. I don’t know what $20 would do. I’ve usually had to pay a few hundred dollars to a rescue org or the SPCA.

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I don’t see how 20.00 would ensure that the dog was going to a good home either. Maybe to make the people giving the dog away feel better about themselves?
The boxer rescue that I’ve got 3 of my boxers from charge 300.00 to 350.00. That kind of money hopefully will keep dog fighters from getting animals from dog rescue sites.

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I don’t know that any any amount can guarantee anything at all. Rich people can be abusive too.
And abusive people don’t know they’re abusive..

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I wonder how lucrative dog fighting is.

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I’d think if an individual is giving away a dog, they should charge at least $100 as somewhat of an assurance that it won’t be used for any bad purpose. As for a shelter, they have the fee plus they do background checks to make sure that the adopter is worthy. I think the background checks can be so rigorous that it is an impediment to legitimately good potential adopters.

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We only paid $45 for Cato. He came neutered and with shots. When we bought him they chipped him. They kind of grilled us down but didn’t do a background check that I recall.

The thing is if dog fighting is lucrative $100 will just be an investment.

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I would think because there are so many dogs for free out there, that any one getting them for nefarious purposes would just pass by any amount.

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@Dutchess_lll “The thing is if dog fighting is lucrative $100 will just be an investment.”

No, because you don’t know how well a dog, especially one brought up in a home/family environment, will fight or even if it will fight at all. This isn’t like professional athletics, where you have an established history of performance to gauge by before you ever put any money down. And you don’t exactly have tons of spectators paying for admission to watch ether. It’s not that lucrative. People that engage in this do so because they’re depraved and abusive. If they were just after money there are plenty of legal and much more lucrative avenues to put their money into.

Besides, dogs are plentiful and easy as hell to obtain for free. No one involved in dog fighting is going to plunk down $100 (or even $20) for a dog when they can get all they need at no cost.

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@Dutchess_III: I hope you’re not considering giving your dog up.

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Well, hope I don’t have to. But if he snaps at one of the kids, or bites them, he’s gone.
Since his visit to the vet, though, he seems much, much, much calmer. Maybe that’s been his biggest problem. Maybe his ears have been hurting all of this time. :(

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Oh good grief. I was getting dressed for a Habitat meeting. This time of year requires layering for me. I walked out of the bedroom pulling a sweatshirt over my T-shirt.
Well my T-shirt is probably 15 years old and belonged to my son when he was still at home.
It is black with a bright green alien picture thing on it.
Cato saw that alien thing on my shirt and just leaped, and twisted sinuously in the air, and hit that alien on my chest with his snout.
Then, after I pulled the sweatshirt down and covered the sweatshirt, he continued to act all reactive and skittish every time he looked at my chest, which was now adorned with a Kstate logo.

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