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Have you ever tried Carshield?

Asked by LadyMarissa (9781points) 1 month ago

I keep seeing adverts & receiving snail mail adverts for joining Carshield. My last mechanic always told me that they were a ripoff. He recently retired & now I’m wondering IF they really are a ripoff or IF maybe he just didn’t want to deal with them. I’ve never known anyone who signed up with them & I’m looking for someone with personal experience. Nothing I’ve seen gave any indication of how much they charge for their services & I don’t want to contact them & get on their calling list!!! So, have you tried Carshield; & IF so, what was your experience???

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What’s the mechanic to deal with; they pay him??
You have to have the work done by ASE-Certified® repair facility.

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Not Carshield, but others like it – and from everything I have read, from Kiplinger to Consumer Reports and various other sources – these are a scam.

They advertise all sorts of benefits, but there are so many loopholes in their coverage that they either don’t pay anything or they do things in a dishonest way.

I would avoid them like the plague.

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Thank you guys!!! I just saw the commercial again & I think I caught the hook. I’m removing this item from my things to keep an eye on.

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