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In your opinion, what change in golf equipment might the PGA come up with to make the pros hit shorter?

Asked by kritiper (18407points) 1 month ago

The new types of golf clubs hit the balls farther and now the PGA wants to change the rules about fancy long distance hitting clubs so that the professional golf courses don’t have to be made longer.

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But that’s the whole thing about the PGA and watching the pros hit 400+.

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And to answer your question there are clubs in the pros bars for shorter shots already.
I don’t know if he can still do it, but Tiger used to hit 240 with a nine iron,I can barely do 60 with a nine iron.

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Softer balls?

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@RedDeerGuy1 there are already shorter courses and ball halls have very little to do with it, you don’t pull your over size driver on a par three.

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What? Golf clubs are numbered.

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Yes they are, very observant.
Do you know what the numbers mean?

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Yes. I mean, I do. Not sure what this question is. They have always been numbered.

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Do you know what the numbers mean?
On each club?

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Yes I do. Which is why I don’t understand the question. They already make 9 irons (for long shots) or 4 irons (for super short shots.)
What is the question?

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Uh @Dutchess_lll It’s the other way around low number means long shots, high number means close shots.
Like if you have a long drive you use your number 0ne driver or over size, not your number five driver.
Same with Irons you have a long shot and you want to use a driver you use a three or a four, a nine is for cost shots, also deals with the angle on the club face, higher number more angle and it gets the ball up higher faster for a shorter shot.

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Make the balls less aerodynamic. Remove the dimples.

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If they really want to shorten each stroke, then go with strictly wood club heads, wooden shafts, and only iron, no steel or other metal, for the irons. And no carbon fiber anywhere near the course.

And only leather golf shoes with with iron cleats, no synthetic shoes with plastic cleats.

Get back to using real niblicks, cleeks, and mashies.

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I think they may dictate that woods will be woods, like back in the olden days. Made of wood. Balls and irons won’t matter so much. No hybrid fairway clubs in the 1 to 5 drivers.

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I’d make the shaft less flexible, decrease the size of the heads on the drivers as well as the shape-think small brick- increase the angle on all club heads, except the wedge.(Ya gotta have something)

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Yeah. They make golf clubs of different lengths. Some are for distance, some are for short distances.

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Pros favor the stainless steel shafts that are less flexible than the graphite shaft clubs, so that would have no effect. The ball would still be struck with the same force, speed of club wise.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s how they made them 70 years ago. I have a Jimmie Hines 3 wood here that was probably made in around 1950. Small, wooden head, with some type of plastic or ebony insert in the club face with a chunk of lead molded into the back of the club opposite the face, and a True Temper stainless steel shaft..

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