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What does your front door say about you?

Asked by ucme (49333points) 1 month ago

When your back is turned!

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“Take this stupid Christmas wreath of me, it’s February you idiot!”

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“There is a reason my lock is so hard to open”

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Nothing. It’s locked 95% of the time. If you want me, you come to the side door by the driveway.

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Still have a Valentine’s wreath on front door but have a custom made (wife did it) St Paddy’s flag on front porch flag staff. Two rocking chairs for just sitting.

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Spruce me up!

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It says that I know how to refinish wood.

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I’m so blue!

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It says welcome and let the sunshine in. I put a screen/glass door in front of my front door so I can see out and people are welcome to come in.

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Mine says no one is getting through solid cherry easily.

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Mine says I’m the only home in my community that has a swing-in front door. All of the homes were built with swing-out doors which I hated and refused to have. The HOA made a mistake when they had the documents redrawn and left the doors the responsibility of the townhouse owners. The day the contractor took out the unit which was my door and side light combo the president of the board ran right over. I had told the contractor if anyone asked him anything about what he was doing to refer them to me. The president was livid when I simply referred him to the new docs which he pushed for and the permit sitting in the kitchen window. Always read every single word in those kinds of papers. But now I have a beautiful front door and side light that correctly swings in…...and yes it is hurricane rated and impact glass. And it cost me almost $2,000 including the labor.

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My welcome mat reads Please remember if you didn’t call or text first, I won’t be answering the door no matter who you are

All my friends know that I am more than willing to enjoy time with them but am still a very private person who responds best when warned before invading my privacy

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I wish she would lock me more :(

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It says I neglect scrubbing it.

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I don’t cherish my privacy. If you got this far, we have no secrets.

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Cheers folks!
Lots of stuff here about locks…I can pick them in my sleep :D

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Because I’m the front one of the Doors, he should nickname me “J Mor”. ;-)

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It doesn’t say anything about me. It knows better. It does, however, let everyone who sees it know there’s a landlord who doesn’t give a damn.

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Get your A$$ in here and shut me!

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Have a good day. I’ll miss you.

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it says that we’re hoarders.

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??^ Does it bulge? You’re not really a hoarder unless the front door has a bulge.

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@Patty_Melt I thought “bursting at the seams” counts!

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Lol. I guess you are right.

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