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Do you agree with the following quote, taken from "The X-Files"?

Asked by luigirovatti (2806points) February 19th, 2020

“On a basic cellular level, we’re the total sum of our ancestors’ biological matter, but what if more than biological traits get passed down from generation to generation? There are countless stories of twins separated at birth who end up in the same occupation, marrying the same kind of people, each naming their child ‘Waldo’. [...] Jung wrote about it when he talked about the collective unconscious. It’s genetic memory.”

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I neither agree nor disagree with it. Whatever follows “But what if….?” doesn’t call for agreement. It’s asking for speculation.

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It’s not different from asking if you believe Jung wrote this.

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People with identical genes are likely to behave similarly. There is nothing surprising about that. I don’t see why it is necessary to talk about genetic memory. Our behavior is a combination of nature and nurture. People living in the same society share a lot of the same cultural environment, so genetic similarity is likely to play an important role. If you separated two identical twins at birth and placed one in an industrial nation and the other was placed in a society of headhunters, you would notice a big difference in their behaviors.

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I do agree. Due to family issues, my biological father and siblings have not been in my life, but we girls all married men with similar features (dark hair, blue eyes, non-alpha’s) and have many other things in common.

There is also a physical pull, that I explain as ‘blood calls to blood’, in that I am naturally drawn to my bio sibs and have been since I was a child. At least three different times in public, I ran to my bio family’s location away from my mother, and had no idea who they were. Recently at a pool tournament, when my brother walked in the door, I turned as soon as I felt his energy. It’s odd but definately is there.

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I don’t utterly agree with every detail, but yes, I do agree overall.

Specifically, some genetic information is passed down and some is not, a different mix in each child, and also there are different traits that arise from different DNA combinations that were not there before the mixing of ancestors. And there are mutations.

There are several other types of inheritance, too, passed down in families and cultures, and yes, various aspects of the collective unconscious. Other things, too.

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There is a lot to agree with here.. If you need to understand the reality spoken about here deeper find me somewhere “komen cents”

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