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Have you heard there is a world shortage of exclamation points?

Asked by janbb (56179points) 1 month ago

I just used three somewhere else and was told I had nearly used up my ration for the year. Apparently there is a shortage due to the Coronavirus and the factory in China that produces them is closed. Be careful! (Oops.)

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Aww Don’t worry about it we have tons here in Canada, if ya want I can send ya some>!!!!!!!!!! here is a few I can send more when they run out.:D

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@SQUEEKY2 Thanks so much. Back atcha!

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There’s a world shortage, @SQUEEKY2.

Here there’s a thriving black trade, and illegal manufacturing, going on in them.
Especially Instagramers buy them by the dozens, for very cheap (they’re fakes, obviously (the exclamation points, that is)), and use them like some others use their commas.

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Some people (here and elsewhere) type like this:

“Yes!!!!! I am very excited!!!!!”

It sears my eyeballs from all the exclamation points.

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WHY?^^ Are you a grammar cop?
It bothers me not at all.
But some people get all confused at what you’re trying to say if you don’t properly space a comma, is it really confusing or are these people that anal about punctuation?

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About 7 or 8 years ago, I went for a period of time (I forget how long, but I know it was a number of months) when I refrained from using even one exclamation point. It had a surprising benefit. I was forced to use words to express my heightened emotions. It was a good exercise.

Now, because of that, I have an excess of exclamation points to sell on @rebbel‘s black market. hehe. I’m going to make a killing!

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HEY, @Hawaii_Jake you didn’t tell me they had a monetary value @janbb I want those points back.

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I’m going to do that exercise, @Hawaii_Jake.
I must admit that I’ve bought myself a bunch of them myself, the recent years….
From now on I’m on a exciting mission to quit using them.
Consider this my first sentence sans.

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Not me. I love them. They are like the many kisses you give a loved one when they return from a trip. One says I’m glad you’re back. Twenty says I ached for your return.
I will use them generously. I will use them with question marks. Sometimes I will use them with no words proceeding them.

@jca2, my apologies. Perhaps your prefer to wear a welder’s mask when you notice a comment from me. ~

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, , , , , chameleon…you come & go, you come & go ohoh oh!!

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I put them on my couch so guests don’t stay long.

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When a person uses a lot of exclamation marks I can feel my blood pressure rising. It just feels like an attack is imminent.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s a good plan. Points up or dot up?

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My cat just severed my carotid artery and my house is on fire

Also someone hacked into my punctuation mark account and emptied it

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@janbb -Definitely points up.

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This is Trump’s fault.
Theee years ago, a sentence like the following would need at least 3.

“The President is giving national secrets to the Russians”

Now, it’s just another news story.

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I really have to police myself when it comes to those suckers, and consciously back off of my tendancy to overuse them.
I JUST GET SO DAMN EXCITED SOMETIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Brian946, you don’t stop by often enough. I miss seeing your take on questions often.
Loving the subtlety!!!!!!!!!

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@Patty_Melt I wasn’t thinking of you.

@SQUEEKY2: If I was a grammar cop, I would be compelled to comment on grammar that bothers me. I don’t comment on the exclamation points that bother me.

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Use of ~ in my remark.

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Sorry, my mistake, @Patty_Melt.

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All is forgiven!!!!!!

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In my opinion (comma) it would be amazing if we wrote like this (period) It would be great (exclamation point)

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Not for people with arthritic hands.

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I think it is because of so many remarkable things. There must be a lot of remarkable things happening, because people feel the need to remark on just about any little thing.

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