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If a meerkat peeked through your window offering car insurance, would you...?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 21st, 2020

A Express alarm & distress
B Invite him in for tea & scones
C Something else…

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D Sing until it gives me a discount.

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I have no scones, but I could offer him tea and sugar cookies, or probably some raw chicken, since they are carnivores.
Since meerkats don’t travel alone, I would tell him the rest of the mob would have to wait outside. He could bring in his female, because on meerkat mobs, the females are the dominant.
Once his comfort is assured, I would explain things that since I am without an auto, I haven’t need for any insurance. I would tell him his mod is welcome reoccupy the back yard until the mouse population has been extinguished.

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@lucillelucillelucille & yes you @Patty_Melt I lurve you very much!

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But if a man came across the pond, and took time to pop in, I’d be certain to have scones in supply.

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B. Invite him in, promise him the moon for the rights to manage him exclusively. Put the show on the road for perhaps a couple of years, whereafter each of us would spend the remainder of our days devising ways to spend all the money!

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Call the Good Humor boys and have me picked up?? Yes…

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Pull over mister. You are being ticketed on a charge of punctuation overuse.

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B. I’d want to change the subject, but I would want to talk to any talking animal.

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Buy insurance from him, but only if he had a fat hog friend and they did a singing and comedy routine together.

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@stanleybmanly -Just know that this can happen…

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I actually remember that specific cartoon from some 55 years ago. That singing frog became the mascot for the WB network in the 90s. You can probably retrieve the full cartoon from YouTube.

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Photograph him since he can talk etc

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My answer would of course be B.
bee boppa loola she’s my baby!

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@stanleybmanly -I am familiar with Michigan J. Frog :)

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C. I would wonder what @ucme was on when this question appeared in his mind. And where I could get some.

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@seawulf575 It’s called child like wonder & by the sounds of your answer, you appear to be immune :D

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Immune? Nah. Too old and crusty? Yeah….I’m guilty. I was really hoping for something new to try though!

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