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Lying for a good cause?

Asked by komencents (86points) 1 month ago

What is a word that means lying for the reason(s) of surviving or saving someone’s life or for a greater cause or political security?
Like telling Hitler “no Jews here” while your Jewish friend is hiding in the closet.
Or being asked if you’re batman, yourself, with the gun to your head. (you know, I mean, if you actually were)
I found this word weeks ago.. Forgot…

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White lies.

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No, “white lie” isn’t what I was looking for…
It’s a single word
I think it may begin with R (sorry if it doesn’t)

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righteous lying?

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Synonyms for WHITE LIES – › white lies

Synonyms for White lies:
•pretexts (noun)
pleas, pretexts, stratagems, red herrings, excuses, reasons, alibis, smoke screens, loop-holes, claims, affirmations, pretenses, rationales, justifications.

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White lie is not quite the right term. White lies are over relatively minor matters and often said to keep from hurting someone’s feelings. This is different. I can’t think of a single word term that means what the OP is referring to.

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How about “Notlüge”, which is german for ‘emergency lie’.

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Guys I appreciate your help but I don’t think the word has been found yet…
Like.. If you typed “define [that word]” in Google it would literally define as something like : withholding the truth in a critical life or death situation or for political reasons. (or at least something along those lines)

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@komencents “If you typed ‘define [that word]’ in Google it would literally define as something like: withholding the truth in a critical life or death situation or for political reasons.”

Well, that’s a very different question from what you originally asked. Withholding the truth is not the same thing as lying, and withholding the truth for political reasons is not the same thing as lying for a good cause. Could you be thinking about “equivocate,” “prevaricate,” or even “tergiversate”?

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