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How do you pronounce Betelgeuse?

Asked by rebbel (35501points) February 22nd, 2020

The red supergiant.

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I would pronounce it like the movie name “Beetle-juice” but I don’t know that’s right.

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I believe “beetle-juize” is the most common pronunciation. So just voice the “c” in the above. The name comes from a misreading of Arabic.

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I usually hear it pronounced as Beetlejuice too, but every now and then I hear ’Bettle Geese’.

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When I first saw it written out, I pronounced it in my head as “bettle-gooz”. I didn’t even know the movie Beetlejuice was referencing the name of the star.

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In the astronomy community we say “Baytel Juice”

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According to Wikipedia , there are six common pronunciations:

الجوزاء / Ibṭ al-Jauzā’
يد الجوزا / Yad al-Jauzā
Betelgeuse /ˈbɛtəldʒuːz/
Betelgeuse /ˈbiːtəldʒuːz/
Betelgeuse /ˈbɛtəldʒuːs/
Betelgeuse /ˈbiːtəldʒuːs/,

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Beatle juice

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Battle Geese

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With any luck it will explode soon.

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Side bet doc it doesn’t last until July 4th,

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@Tropical_Willie I’ll take that bet. :-)

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I put it on my calendar. @Caravanfan

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Wishful thinking on my part of course!

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You don’t say anything.

You just chew on the nut, extract the juice and feel The Throb – Black

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Yeah, it’ll explode soon, but “soon” is relative. It’s doubtful we’ll see it in our lifetimes.

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