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How painful are tooth implants over the long run?

Asked by wolfgan9 (4points) July 31st, 2007 from iPhone
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Very painful, very expensive. You gotta shop around and plan around
having some sick days.

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Most people who get Dental Implants either one or more go through a few days of aching in the area after the initial surgery. After that it's usually pretty clear running unless a problem arises. Infection in the area can happen and will cause pain. Implants are expensive but well worth the trouble in the long run. You are what you eat and good health is necessary for a happy life.

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I want to add that shopping around is not a great idea. Find a Dentist you trust who will give you the attention and time you need first, then check out the money issue. Ask other people what their experience is. I wouldn't switch to a Dentist that wasn't recommended to me over a couple of hundred bucks but if the price seems excessive and out of the ordinary range, I would question why. If you go cheap go cheap on the actual tooth, not the Surgeon who places the implant itself. Example, a woman called the other day who got her Implant in Mexico to save money. It fell out after 5 years. Fell out!

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I had one done more than five years ago. Pain was not an issue at all. I guess there was a little soreness-like muscle pain. The main issue for me was the removing of the old tooth. They had to stop for a bit as I almost fainted and broke out in a cold sweat. Not from pain, but from the deep cracking sound in my skull. Really launched me into a primal state. The nurse teased me, "It's always the men."

All that being said, I never think about the tooth and it is completely part of me now. I reallyhave a hard time remembering which tooth it is. I would do it in a second again. So much a better alternative than a bridge.

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By "shop around" I meant interview, get referrals, inform yourself in order to get a dentist you can trust. Of course you must have this. Absolutely right.

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I had two of my front teeth done and it doesn’t hurt at all. I lost mine falling off a bike and instantly lost them so… believe me, the implants were the least painful part of the whole long process that I had to go through. But you have to be aware that after you get them you have to be extra careful because they can get infected if you don’t. And I agree you have to find a very experienced dentist. I took about a month to choose one… but found a great one. If you follow your dentist’s recommendations I think you won’t have any problem at all…

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I am getting an implant to replace a tooth that needs to be extracted, and just next to it already have a missing one. These are on the inner upper jaw. My dentist suggested to get 2 implants next to each other rather than one to hold two teeth. Anyone has an implant holding 2 teeth that can give me their views? I’d much rather have just one as I’m already too scared to have just one, let alone two. This will be done with local anesthetic so I’m going to be watching all the way.

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