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Do people still have servants these days?

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) September 1st, 2008

Butlers, chauffeurs, maids etc. Just wondering, because i’d like to include it in a peice of writing i’m working on. =)

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Yes, all of the above. Throughout undergrad, I was a part-time tutor at the homes of the richest of the rich in Lower Merion, PA. One home, in particular, was absurd.

There was a separate parking lot for the family’s staff of 30. Maids, cooks, everything you can imagine. They had five of those really small, obnoxious dogs with the high-pitched barks, and each had their own engraved, platinum food bowls and diamond-encrusted collars. (How the dogs could read their engraved names is beyond me.) They also had a PA system. The first time I went to tutor in the home, I parked in the wrong spot, and it was blocking one of the 8 super expensive cars from being able to leave. I was informed of this over the PA system and asked to move my car.

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They are called, “undocumented aliens,” mostly.

September 1, 2008, 12:40 PM EDT

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I’d love to have a servant. A chef, in particular. :)

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I wish I had servants.

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I need a maid.

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Batman does

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Enough to warrant specialized employment agencies, apparently.

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I have maids, but not really, it’s like some cleaning service that comes buy once a week.

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If you work in the USA and don’t have health ins, pension, time off ect, then you qualify as a member of the servant class—which includes most of us in the Walmart Society.

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Not if they have kids. <rimshot>

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Ask Jeeves!

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Yes of course people still employ butlers, chauffeurs and maids, although it is extremely passe to refer to them as servants.

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I have a housekeeper that comes once a week. Does that count?

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Cool, thanks!

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Yes, many still have.

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