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Pick up the thing that is closest to you right now & tell me what it is?

Asked by ucme (49307points) 1 month ago

If It’s too heavy or cumbersome to lift, point at it yelling what it is!
Those who choose not to take part…sourpuss grumpyface!! :D

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A book.
Lost Connections, Johann Hari.

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A coffee mug full of hot coffee.

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An airpod case with my airpods in it.

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A carton of no eggs.

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My computer mouse.

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Mosaic silicone coaster set cup Black white it is looks kinda like this

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My dinner which is pork with egg noodles and mushroom sauce.

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@longgone A carton of no eggs is called an eggsbox or Xbox or something.

Things closest to me include a large coffee mug containing jump drives, a bottle of Elmers Glue, and a big round rock which I’m not sure is a civil war cannonball, or a meteorite, or maybe just a fluke of nature,

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My ink pen. As I work on my novels I keep it and index cards handy. Certain facts which could later be contradicted by mistake goes on the cards for quick reference. That way I don’t have to scroll through forty pages to remember how old Becky is supposed to be, or which character is the redhead. Equidistant to my other hand is Mt. Dew.

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Remote control for the television.

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My mouse. I’m using my mouse to browse Fluther right now.

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A bowl of frosted shredded mini wheats cereal.

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Half a glass of beer. I have reached out to lift it a few times already

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An empty glass that had water in it.

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Guess, you naughty man. What do you think I have in my hand?

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@Patty_Melt I’m going to say you have your hand placed on your chest, more specifically, the left side.
You’re doing this because you have a heart of gold & it shines a light on your hand, inspiring it to write works of art!

Boy, I use my tounge perdier than a $50 whore :D

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(My best southern belle)
Why sir (suh), you just make my little ol’ heart go pittuh pattuh.

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