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What else is recommended other than "wash your hands", for infection control purposes?

Asked by flo (12907points) February 25th, 2020

Other than or better than “wash your hands as often as you can”, what else is or could be recommended?

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Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
Use a tissue, not the back of your hand, to wipe your nose.

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Good recommendations but but how about re. hands?

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When wiping your ass, use toilet paper, not your hands.

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@kritiper But even if you use toilet paper, not well used toilet paper, not well washed hands. And if hands are used, (if you stranded somewhere, or similar condition where there’s plenty of water but no toilet paper) you can have well washed hands.

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So, instead of “wash your hands”, what would get even fewer people with infection?

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Don’t touch your face.

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Wash your hands.
Sneeze or cough into your elbow and not into your hands.
Do not touch your face until you’ve washed your hands.

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@flo Oh. You didn’t specify that hand washing facilities were near at hand.
There are many people all over the world who eat with their right hands and wipe their asses with their left. It is why the left hand is considered dirty and why there are no left handed people in those countries.

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It is all fucking bullshit. Washing hands might be worse for you. Now you are touching a thing to turn on the water, and then you touch a thing for soap, and more touching to get towels. You could have just peed and bounced. But instead you spent a extra two minutes in the germ factory with people pooping out bombs.

I went to get immunotherapy a few months ago. It was shortly after there was a case of corno-whatever close by. They made all the people going to the cancer floors wear masks when getting on the elevator (if going to those floors).

Once I got in to see the oncologist he was all, “take off the silly mask”. They did the same in infusion.

I barely wash my hands unless I am dealing with raw chicken. I don’t piss on my hands, I don’t shit on my hands. No need to waste water. And even if my hands are pristine I still have shit and piss molecules all over my clothes. And I touch my clothes a lot. And farts. Smells are molecules in your mouth. When you smell a fart that is someones shit on your buds.

I get the urge to feel like you are doing something to protect yourself. But it is theater.

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Wear gloves outdoors.

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Keep your home and yourself as clean as possible. In public touch as little as possible, either use gloves or keep a tissue or napkin in your hand to open doors etc.
As mentioned above, when washing hands in public, also wipe the faucet first. Many public places now have faucets you don’t need to touch, and automatic soap and towel dispensers.

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@johnpowell People are not supposed to touch the dirty faucet, towel thing, lock in stall, door knob, after washing hands. There is a way of not having to touch the surfaces with bare hands.

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@kritiper It’s about using either and/or both (toilet paper/washing) properly whichever is nearby.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Good point.
@Hawaii_Jake Other than “wash your hands”
@YARNLADY Good point. But there is the door knob and the towel dispenser. I guess some places have no touch dryer, which can damage your ear if heavy duty kind.

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But the question is other than saying “wash your hands” what else, re. making sure hands are taken care of once bad things are on them.

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Edited the last 2 posts.

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@flo I think it’s about doing what you can, with what’s available, and what one feels comfortable with.
For example, out in the outhouse, corncobs are used as toilet paper, but there is no sink or running water with which to wash your hands. And when was the last time that bucket in the well was washed?

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@kritiper I have to leave it here.

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Social distance of 2 meters or 6 feet.

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