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If something is carcinogenic do you just inject it with anti-oxidents for mitigation? See detail.

Asked by flo (12901points) 1 month ago

I’m looking fo a viral video of a quack saying that. So, say all a smoker or an alcoholic has to do is eat some food with ant-oxidents according to the quack.

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Asbestos is carcinogenic and nothing you can eat or drink will stop it!

And who is the quack you mentioned ? ? “eat some food with ant-oxidents (sic) according to the quack”

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…Another example, burnt food [if it’s all burnt food], you can eat all the burnt food you want just add anti some anti-oxidents. (added:according to the quack, which I’m asking the name, and the vedeo of)

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Antioxidants can cause cancer too. They interfere with the immune systems natural ability to destroy cancerous cells. Back in the 70’s they tried giving people large doses of antioxidants and a significant number developed bladder cancer.

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No antioxidents during radiation and maybe chemotherpay treatment.
But who is the quack or worse who said just consume antioxidents and don’tworry about cosuming breathing in etc., all the cancer causing things?

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