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What are some of new things in life you occasionally if not constantly try to discover and learn about?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24700points) 1 month ago

Things like new restaurant to try out, new dish, new hobby, new brand of clothing, new place to go to, new diet, new pet, new lovemaking position, new candy, new way to cook…and so on.

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New things??? I’m still trying to figure out women!

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I have been really interested in the cosmos, lately.

But. Love learning about everything. I have spent lots of time, simply observing animals, I run across.

I was snorkeling once, in the Cayman islands. And saw a fish, I’d never seen before. I followed it though a shallow reef, for about 30 minutes. It was a football shaped fish, with odd fins… I ended up getting cut up, by the iron shard coral. So. I swam away from it. But. It was worth it. I got to observe it, and learn about it. It was terrible at swimming. I’m not sure what it was. I looked it up, and never found an exact match…

The coral, got stuck in my leg. It took months, for it to get worked out of my leg. I had a black piece of it, stuck there, for a long time. Then, one day, it was gone.

I have a fascination, about creatures I haven’t seen before…

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How to dry fitted bottom sheets in the dryer without the flat sheet and pillow case getting wadded inside it.

I know they are popular. But two flat sheets are easier to dry and fold and they make a more squared away rack.

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I’m constantly trying new restaurants and new food. I’m also always trying to discover new music, books, TV shows, movies, and visit new places (I especially love to hike in new places). I also love reading about and learning new languages. These are the main ones, but I seek new experiences and pursue new interests all the time. Sometimes I think I’m too much of a dilettante. :P

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New films to see; new books to read and talk about. New people to meet.

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I recently discovered that paprika is made from ground prepers.

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Spent 200 bucks on a jig for my router to make them. Tried on the table saw. Tried doing them by hand. They are never right.

So I keep watching videos and reading about how to make them and I am never happy.

Do you know that feeling where you have a problem that you just can not solve and get so frustrated you just make things worse? Then you nap and wake up and the answer is clear?

I think I will be born making perfect dovetails when I am reincarnated. A nap won’t do. A reset on life will be needed.

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^^Why did it just occur to me that the Japanese might be very good at this?

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That is kinda essential in fine woodworking.

They are also responsible for the castle joint.

Woodworking is rabbit hole of youtube.

edit :: This has been detrimental to me. I just practice techniques on scraps of wood instead of making stuff. Sigh.

edit 2 :: and if you are wondering what that witchcraft is.

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Searching for better photo restoration software that “fits” my needs.
A lot are just anime or added art etc

I need one that can fine tune a repair like one photograph of my late mother when she was at age 23 yrs old seated on a porch with the high noon sun shinning on her head.

Shadows appear not only under her hat on her forehead but also cast shadows under her eyes that on zooming the picture looks like a raccoon eyes. Her eyes are hardly seen because of this.

I have more images to restore but this one I wish to enlarge and frame “after the repair” if possible?
I need a photo software program that enables fine detail restorations.

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@Inspired_2write -I like GIMP for that.
I get it through my OS which is Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)
It’s better than any Photoshop program.

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There is an acrylic paint that one can manipulate after it has dried.
I’ll experiment with this at some point.
I am always interested in glaze formulation and need to experiment more with crystalline glaze formulation and firing.
That is the newest thing as of late.

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I was reviewing Gimp but didn’t download ( free) as it stated the cons are that it has no tutorials?

Adobe Photoshop is touted as superior but costs are high and I would prefer to buy the software outright rather than having payments come off every month on my credit card.
Also Adobe photo shop has a very steep learning curve ,but I have some experience in using some of these tools anyways.
GIMP is a strong contender, but still researching online.

I have looked at Photoscape,Adobe Photoshop Express,Krita,Pixlr,PicMonkey but most have artistic effects of which looks interesting but actually “will” I use them in restoring old images?

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@Inspired_2write -Adobe Photo Shop is based on the Linux program. :)... and yes, it is free.Can’t beat that.
I used to use Adobe PS but when I switched my OS, I looked into GIMP and there’s nothing not to like, IMO. It is a lot of fun!
I didn’t want to relearn stuff as I was used to PS but I am glad I did and I am still learning.
You can find tutorials online

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So you recommend GIMP then?
I especially want to concentrate on skin tones ( complexion) etc as most are close up images ( that I will zoom to enlarge.

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@Inspired_2write – Definitely.
You can do that with GIMP. :)

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Whooo Hooo thanks for your encouraging support.
I will try GIMP and download it!
Thanks again!

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@Inspired_2write – I hope you like it!
I send my family members pics of them in famous paintings and it’s pretty funny!

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Yes I have seen that online, funny! May think on doing that for living relatives for April Fools day or other holiday like a Christmas Card..Lol
Its a good idea, Thanks for mentioning it.

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Mr Bean superimposed on famous paintings link.
So funny!

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@Inspired_2write -Yep! I’ve seen that! :D
I’ve put my sister in laws at the Gettysburg Address for their birthdays and my husband in Anne Taintor images. It’s pretty funny.:)

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@Inspired_2write I should tell you that your link doesn’t work :(

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I tried to re edit and change to a smaller font in order to get in in the comment section. Sorry I deleted the link already.

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@Inspired_2write -That’ alright. I have seen those before but thought I’d re-visit.

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