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How much more damage can Trump do in the next 10 months?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8728points) February 25th, 2020

As asked.

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He could pardon Harvey Weinstein.

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He could give a 99 year lease for oil and mineral rights at ALL National Parks !

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I would like to think he is going to put on his good boy pants and behave up until your election, but then again we are talking about the Don father, I don’t know maybe start a war, get more tariffs going, give more tax cuts to the top 1% but knowing ole orange hair it will be something note worthy and his staff will go in a tizzy trying to smooth it over.

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It’s kind of a tough question. I didn’t think he could/would have the power, to do a lot of what he’s already done. Congress, has no interest in doing their job.

I would think Trump has been emboldened, by his clean getaway from impeachment. So. I see, a possibility of him doing more damage. And fearing no ramifications.
I’m more afraid of what he’ll do, if/when reelected.
Most of his damage, has already been done.
I hesitate to consider, what else he would do. His stupid wall, would surely be implemented.

Beyond that, it’s hard to say…

But. His unpredictable behavior, could really fuck things up, with another 4 years.
I have no idea what he is capable of.

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I just fear he thinks war with Iran will surely be a big, beautiful October Surprise that will unite the country behind him.

But hey. The economy has been great for everyone I know and my friends aren’t in the military and are working for Uber and Postmates instead.

I won’t know anyone landing at Dover. So fuck it!

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Let me count the ways. Actually there are more ways than you can count. He is so reliable a fkup, and the world being what it is, the opportunities are endless. With Trump, destruction and havoc are more reliably certain than the tides.

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Well he said he expected Obama to start a war in 2011 to get himself reelected, so that’s definitely in his “play book”.

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He can continue Tweeting and golfing at our expense.

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Do you guys remember when The Don Father and the rest of the rep/cons went nuts on how much time off Obama was taking off when in office?
Well since ole orange hair has been behind the wheel he has taken off almost a full year, not bad for just over three years work,I need a job with that much vacation time.

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IMO. When Obama was “off,” he was still thinking about his responsibilities…
I think Trump’s constant tweeting, suggests that he’s thinking about politics when “off,” but not necessarily his responsibilities…

I don’t understand why ANY POTUS, can get so much vacation time. I don’t understand much, about how much time ANYONE in DC, gets SO much time off…
I know that I couldn’t leave any job I have ever had, without worrying about what was going on.

At one point, when I was working as an EMT at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital, we tried a “week on/week off” schedule, for a while. A week of 12 hour shifts, and about 6 days off, in a row….The weeks on, where gruesome. But. I always worried about my patients, and the general state of the hospital, when I was off…
I worried about certain animals, and their care. Even if I was just fishing, or after I had made love to my girlfriend…
I felt obligated, to be there for them….
I know that being POTUS, must be demanding. But. The world, is ever changing. I personally don’t think that they should have any long vacations. If you you can’t do the job, without constant vacation, don’t take it…
The US, is involved, in SO many scenarios…
How can one, be on vacation, when the world is ever changing? ..
I know that it’s asking a lot, but for fuck’s sake, it’s an important job…
You are basically “on call,” 24/7.

Trump doesn’t have a lot of advisors, to fall back on. He’s basically, on his own. If that’s how he wants to run things, he needs to be in DC. Not in a paradise, somewhere. The economy is feeling the effects of the Corona virus. The economy, is one of his strengths. If I were him, I’d be on the phone, or at least DC, to make sure every measure, was being handled. I would work 20 hour days, or whatever it takes.

He has a lot of things, that need his constant attention. It’s time for him, to be a part, of all of this. Even if I don’t agree with his response. He has to offer solutions. He has to do his job…
The same could be said about DC.
Let’s see some action , that will get some results, other than political.

Let’s see some hope. Some work…
Do your fucking jobs…

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He is discrediting and destroying the intelligence agencies at the moment and attacking the Supreme Court. Public lands are being sold off or given for fossil fuel exploration. Nothing is being done about climate change. More children will be separated from their parents, fewer immigrant workers will be allowed in. And since he defunded the CDC we are ill-prepared for a pandemic should it develop.

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@janbb Don’t worry he’ll blame Hillary or Obama !~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Maybe Trump is destroying everything in his path so that he can look the Hero ( complex) in remaking it his way?
This leaves the country vulnerable, wouldn’t one say?

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Killing people with a pandemic caused (in part) by cutting the budget for Nation Health care and having the economy tank will not get him reelected but dead people wont know and people of job will know in October and November.

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Looking back now from a month later, I guess we have a pretty good answer to this one. And a couple of people in this thread had a glimmer.

But who really thought it would actually come to this, people dying for a power-and-money grab by a guy who really has no idea what else to do than play the same insidious game he’s always played?

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