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Why would someone like every post and response they make on Facebook?

Asked by Jonsblond (4787points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I have a very sweet friend who likes every post and response of hers. I find it to be an interesting quirk but it has me curious. Why would someone do this?

She’s an author. Could this be why she does this? Is she trying to be recognized by likes? I’m just guessing here.

I’m very intrigued and curious if anyone can figure this out. No, I’m not going to ask her. I’d feel awkward bringing it up.

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I’ve considered doing this sometimes, and done it a few times but rarely.

I have two reasons for considering and doing it.

One is that it occurs to me that it may not be clear to others what my feeling is towards something I post. I may be in favor of it angry about it, think it’s funny or whatever, and so an emoticon may help clarify that.

Another is that Facebook as evil algorithms that determine which posts get shown to whom how often etc, and part of that seems to be based on how much attention a post gives. It may give more attention to a post to have another like, even from the poster. So liking your own post might make it slightly more likely to appear on others’ feeds..

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Interesting. She’s active in her community so this makes sense. She’s trying to save historic buildings.

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Having a post “liked” by a friend puts it in your feed, and specifies why (“Mary and 4 other people like this post”) so she’s giving her post a boost.

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What you have both said makes sense but she also does this with her replies on posts made by friends. This is what confuses me. For example, say I posted something on my feed and my post isn’t made public, it’s for a specific audience that she’s included in. She’ll respond with a kind word then like her response. I don’t see how liking her own response will help any algorithm in this example. Or does it?

I’m so confused. :)

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My mom feels like she must interact with everything she reads on Facebook. Be it a like or comment. I think she thinks everyone can see what she looks at and she thinks if she doesn’t like it it will be interpreted as a “doesn’t like”.

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^Thanks for your input.

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A friend’s daughter with Down Syndrome likes everything she posts. She posts multiple copies of the same picture, then likes everyone. If you asked her why, she would just say, “but I like it!”.

Ignore your friend’s habit, or stop following her new posts. You can hide her without defriending her.

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^ It doesn’t bother me. I’m just curious.

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That’s kind of a funny thing to me.
Maybe she wants to be liked. lol

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I would think that your friend is building contacts by liking there posts.
Since you stated that she is an Author then possibly she hopes that others will return the Likes when she posts about her book etc
Also by posting like it is seen on that others page that “someone liked there comments etc”
It also shows on notifications that someone had liked what they posted.

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