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How long were you with your partner before telling him/her that you loved him/her?

Asked by eeyore200343 (175points) September 1st, 2008
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Many months. We started out both saying that we did not want to get serious. Along the way, we each fell in love, but neither would tell the other. Then after one perfect date, we did!

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@Marina: Same situation for me. We’re married now, 15 years later.

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About one month. But I could have said it at 2 weeks, and I would have meant it just as much as I do today.

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One week. That was 23 years and we’ve been together ever since.

It was kind of an accident. We were laughing about something silly I had done (as usual), and my now-husband just kind of blurted it out then got a panicked look in his eyes because it had been one week. But then I said I loved him too, and it was great.

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not to be a smart aleck, but JUST LONG ENOUGH.

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That’s such an interesting question. For me, I have no idea at all. I do know that I said
it a lot after I said it the first time and I still do say it a lot.

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I accidentally blurted out something like “That’s why I love you” the second time we met. Our first anniversary is next weekend. I’m excited!

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I dont think time will make a difference if you are really into that person or let me correct that if both of you are into it ;-)

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