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Should I do it?

Asked by rainle311 (42points) 1 month ago

So I recently got a new job that’s in a nursing home for people with Alzheimer’s. I will be working in the front office managing calls and making sure they don’t leave the building. My concerns were that they never tell me how much the pay was, I told them I am fine with 16 an hour. Right now my job is 14.50 an hour so it’s more. So when I called to confirm the pay they were hesitant and say it’s 16
as well, I don’t know if they are lowballing me. They even told me I need to do training right away, but didn’t tell me what time I should come in for training. I haven’t quit my old job and ask to postpone the training, but they say they need me to do it right away and then finally decided to let me know what time I should come in. Before the interview, the lady didn’t even look at my resume and said I look young and ask if it was my first job, I told her I’m 26 and I have been working for years. Training is tomorrow, I was wondering if I should not go because of communications problems and lack of professionalism. So far I had paid 100 dollars for fingerprinting and did a physical test. I failed a part of my physical test because my eyesight is bad but the person gave me five tries but I still couldn’t see so he lied and told me I pass so I can get the job.

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Go to help others not just yourself. Volunteer to help the Alzheimer’s clinic part time and keep your day job.

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I would ask for a contract that specified job duties, pay, vacation days, sick pay and any insurance or other benefits.
Tell them you will need this before training or you must politely turn the job down.

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I wouldn’t quit your current job until this is more secure but if you can do the training and not jeopardize your present job, it may give you a better sense of whether you would enjoy the job itself. Also, the training day may be a place where you can nail down some of the specifics.

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I would talk to your superior, and politely give an ultimatum. Pay me what you told me you would, or refund my $100, and I’m out…

If they were dishonest, before you even start, why would they treat you right after being hired?

I might take the job, and look for another one…

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They sound sketchy at best.

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I also think $100 is a lot to pay for fingerprinting and background check. I’ve heard of $25 or $40 but $100?

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I would ask for a confirmation letter stating that you are hired and at what rate.

They may be trying to get you trained first and if you fail , you are not hired!

So technically , ask if you are hired ( a confirmation letter with all pertinent data, such as
hours of work, days per week,wages, when you get paid should had been mailed or given to you where You agree to the terms…) This should had been done already.

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Thank you for all you guys opinion, I decided not to take the job. I can’t get the 100 dollars back because they told me I have to work with them for 3 months for the reimbursement. The job hired me on the spot but I just don’t want to make the same mistake and get the first job that accepted me. Every time I do that, the job is always toxic and I realized I should wait longer and not rush to get just any job. I decided to apply for other jobs and so far I have two interviews one is 21 an hour and the other one is 25 an hour. So hopefully everything goes well,

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@rainle311 Sounds like you made a good choice. Good luck!

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it’s good you didn’t take the job because you have poor eyesight. You’d need to be able to see well for that job. I hope you do well on the next opportunity!

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Sounds to me like you made the right decision. They hire you on the spot and then insist you start training immediately. That sounds like they are difficult people to work for and they were in desperate for help

I suggest that you get to an eye doctor sooner rather than later to fix as much of your eye problem as you can. With more interviews will come more eye tests and you might not get such a nice technician next time

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It could be a job, with a high turnover rate. So they take what they can get, and treat their employees, like garbage.
It’s worth checking it out, if they pay you what they said they would.

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@MrGrimm888 He just said above that hie is passing on it.

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Saying, versus doing, is far from action.

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