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Let's laugh at a tyrant: Who will you choose & what's so funny?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 27th, 2020

Instead of them filling you with fear & dread, here’s a place to poke fun, mock & yes…laugh at their expense.
Your definition of tyrant is entirely your own affair & they may be from any time in history right up to the present day.
Go ahead, you may even feel better!

::::Not a Trump free zone::::

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Will you allow your staff to post?

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Little known fact: Vlad the Impaler couldn’t make shish ke-bob.

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@ragingloli Daww you’re just saying that!
@lucillelucillelucille Haha, he was a very naughty boy!

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Another little known fact: Hannibal was not born in Missouri.

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Why exactly did Nero fiddle with himself while Rome burned?

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Kim Jong Un is the tyrant. I think I could take him one on one.

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^In the US, animals are treated better than people in North Korea.
IMO.They need to start a revolutionary war. They should pull Kim, out onto the streets, and kill him…

It shouldn’t be up to foreign powers, for make this happen. I understand that the civilian population would suffer from such a thing. But. It’s far past time to get their shit together.

They are being used, so that a few can be well off, while they suffer. They will undoubtedly suffer greatly, at first. But, their numbers, would eventually override Kim.
This wouldn’t be the first time in history, that a population could take their country back, from a dictatorship.

If they united, China, might help. If for no other reason than to keep refugees, from flooding their country. The North Koreans, will have to strike the first blows. Then, they will probably get support from China, and maybe Russia. Possibly Japan, and the US, too…

The NK army, could do severe damage. But. The don’t really have a supply line. Most of their military, is WW2 era. The NK resistance, would sustain heavy casualties, at first. But. If they stay united, they would prevail.

The situation, can’t get much worse. They should collectively, go after Kim. It will be a bloody battle. But. They could win…

That’s just my opinion. But. It takes a total uprising, to defeat a dictatorship, with military backing.
The military, would grow tired of killing their own. South Korean forces, backed by US, and other forces, would do the trick…

The North Korean people, would lose a lot, but, ultimately gain their country back…
I also feel like the NK army, would eventually stop killing their own people. Which would reduce Kim, to hiding somewhere. In which case. The people would find him, and take him out…..

But. It is not the US, or other forces, that take Kim down.
It should be the North Korean people, who take him down, in public.
However, I see no advantage, in killing him, in a bunker.
I’m convinced in an old strategy, that such a person should be publicly executed, in a big affair.

To prevent such horrible people, of knowing that there downfall, will result in nothing else but public execution…

Again. Just my opinion…

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Attila the Hun sounds like the name of somebody’s sweet boo.

and I totally could take Kim in a one on one, in thirty seconds or less.

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Idi Amin invited me over for dinner. Should I go? He said he was going to serve up some sweetbreads with some fava beans and a nice chianti. They say it is to die for.

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I am thinking instead of beating Kim to a pulp, maybe I should just put him across my knees, and spank his bare ass until he gives North Korea to South Korea, and cries, “oh mommy, I be so bad!”

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@Patty_Melt Haha that’s an image I’d gladly pay top dollar for!

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Lordy don’t tell him. He might hold me to it.

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Mussolini couldn’t climb the rope in gym class until after his death.

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@Grimmy Agreed. I’ve read a lot about it, and it’s horrible. Having to eat their own kids or kill them, because there’s no food. I mean, it’s crazy. And he’s fat!

@Patty_Melt He’d probably love it. You know he has a harem of girls to serve his needs? Ugh, worst job evaaaaaa!

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@Patty_Melt if you put him over your knee and spank him, he might launch his missile at you!

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@Patty_Melt – Take the drink you set on his little head off first before turning him over your knee.

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“Hitler has only got one ball
The other is in the Albert Hall

His mother, the dirty bugger
Cut off the other, when he was only small”

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Kim doesn’t need an ass smacking. He needs an ass kicking.
I wish he would read this thread. I challenge him, to a fight, for leadership of his country. If he’s part God, or whatever, shouldn’t be a problem for him….

I’ll gladly stomp a puddle, in his fat ass.
I would want it to be in a nice public place. So his people can watch. I wouldn’t stop, until I couldn’t lift a finger. FUCK him. I’d love to see the SOB dead. When I was done with, I’d hang his fucking body, in a public place, and let the world know that you can’t make millions suffer.
Then. I’d destroy the entire Weapons of Mass Destruction program. And hold an election, for a North Korean leader, who cared about their people.
Then. I’ll come back to the US, and be broke loser.
I would relish the opportunity to FUCK him up…
I doubt that the coward, has EVER had to fend for himself.

I’d gladly take Putin next…

Let’s get this show, on the road. I’m sick of watching people suffer….

If world leaders, had the courage to fight each other, instead of letting their own people die, this would be a different world.

If Trump, is such a badass, he should challenge Kim, to a street fight. Not threaten his people with our military.

I’d love to see him face off, with Kim. Instead of kissing his ass…
When he met him, he should have punched Kim, in his mouth.

Diplomacy doesn’t work, with people like Kim. I know that strategy seems unreasonable. But. What if Trump, busted Kim’s
face in?...
I don’t like Trump. But. He could probably get a shot or two in, before the shit hit the fan. He would have been surrounded by some BMFs.

The time for talking (my preference,) is over with Kim.

Trump has weight, reach, and other things, over Kim.

Maybe I am being too bold. But. I would respect Trump more, if he sucker punched Kim. And let the smoke settle…
Kim, has tortured his own people, and threatened the US .
Put Kim’s face, on the dirt…

Trump has been anomalous, so far. Why not just go for it?

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@Grimmy What a wild scenario! Trump vs Lil Kim for FREEDOM!

I wonder what would happen if he popped him. International incident for sure, gunfight probable. Maube a Rambo would be better. Ha!

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I have since childhood thought chest thumping world leaders should be able to issue one on one challenges.

Also Survivor campaign edition.

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@KNOWITALL . IMO,Trump, and Kim, have never fought, anyone. But. Trump has the advantage of weight, reach, and other measures, that should give him advantage, over Kim.

They are both pussies, in my thinking. But, Trump has many advantages, over Kim.
Looking at them, pound for pound. Trump, should be able to overcome Kim…
It’s a stupid, hypothetical, thing. But. I think Trump, has the advantage. Even at his age…..

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