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What’s China been up to while the world is distracted by the clownish antics of the American President?

Asked by stanleybmanly (21493points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Did you know that the Chinese now control 10 percent of all European ports?

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Covering up information about coronavirus outbreaks, and then disappearing people who expose those cover ups.

“Did you know that the Chinese now control 10 percent of all European ports?”

The Chinese do not control 10% of all European ports. The own partial stakes in 13 ports, and those 13 ports handle roughly 10% of Europe’s shipping container capacity.

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Its economy has been dying. while the U.S. is healthier than ever.

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You mean clownish acts like this ?

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^ Since the House is controlled by the Dems, I find it interesting that you’re giving your Rep boss credit for fixing it

This is what’s happening in the real world

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He has to sign it. It has been waiting for decades to happen. But now it is. Clinton didn’t do it. Neither Bush did it. Carter didn’t do it. LORD AND SAVIOR OBAMA didn’t do it. It has actually been hanging around my whole life. Now is when it finally gets done, so yeah, I’m giving him credit for what all the other Presidents in my lifetime failed to do.

Don’t call him my boss. He isn’t.

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Same thing they have been doing for years-

Suppressing dissent.

Cheating in international trade by subsidizing government-owned industry, by debt trapping weak countries to gain a monopoly on their resources, by ignoring basic environmental, health and safety standards, by currency manipulation, and by outright theft of intellectual property.

Making increasingly aggressive moves for greater control of the South China Sea.

Love him or hate him, the clownish US president is the first one in my memory that has publicly called them out for it. And much of the rest of the world is starting to pay attention as a result.

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@Patty_Melt “Now is when it finally gets done, so yeah, I’m giving him credit for what all the other Presidents in my lifetime failed to do.”

It ain’t done yet. The Senate still has to pass it before the Celebrity-in-Chief ever even sees it. And earlier Presidents didn’t fail to do anything here. “Lord and Savior Obama” could never sign such a bill because such bill has never passed by the Congress during his tenure. You do understand how this works, right? I mean, I’m assuming they taught basic civics in your school.

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The “clownish antics” quote belongs in quotes. I got it from a truly remarkable video available on youtube. In spite of its title, “Trump’s biggest failure”, the video has the wrong label, because the thing is the best 40 minute tutorial on what’s been going on in China for the last 4 years. Trump is barely mentioned, but by the time he comes into the picture, you fully appreciate the validity of the accusation. I actually implore those of you interested in this subject to watch the first 5 minutes of the thing and see if it doesn’t suck you in. If one of you (who knows the procedure) could post a link I would greatly appreciate it.

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^ Don’t know if this is the one you’re referencing. It’s jut over 1 hour long and does reference China.

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Thank you @SEKA. That is precisely the video I had in mind. And I shall watch it again in full and hope to discuss it with any of you who care to. Believe me, it will change your perspective.

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Americans who believe the US should stay out of the business of “policing the world” probably don’t care what China has been up to.

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Oh my, that is way off.
China is rapidly becoming a heavy, shoving other countries into a corner, but quite obscurely

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There is nothing obscure about it.

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Amazing to see just where we were three weeks ago.

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@Stanley, you are correct, in regards to people with their eyes open, but to those in their own bubble…

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