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Have you ever down thumbed a YouTube video?

Asked by rebbel (31080points) 1 month ago

If so, and if you can recall, what was your reasoning?
If you don’t thumb down a video, can you think of a (legitimate) reason someone would do so?

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Then again, I haven’t signed into YouTube for a very long time.
Videos showing vacation film, family parties from co-workers,friends,family should be thumbed down, then shot out of a cannon.

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I gave a thumbs down because the guy talked so slow. It was torcher to listen to him. And I let him know.

Occasionally someone will give one of my YouTube videos a thumbs down but never say why. I’m no professional. Perhaps they were not pleased with the quality of my video. Doesn’t bother me.

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I never have & never will as I see that as a trite act & wholly beneath me.
A video showing toddler tantrums will see me track them down & throw them in the sea!

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I have, when bad information is being spread.

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I have, infrequently. Sometimes it is about how a video is presented, but for me it usually goes to topic.

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Yes… because I hated them or strongly disapproved of them in various ways.

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Yes. It was a men’s rights/incel video, saying that women are untrustworthy, gold-digging, heartless whores, who deserve to be raped.

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That sounds like the kind of thing someone should report.

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I do. Simply because google stores all that shit and maybe thumbing the crap will prevent similar nazi trash from autoplaying next and showing up in the sidebar.

It doesn’t feel like it prevents that garbage from showing up. But maybe it is making it less bad.

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Never. Nor do I thumbs up. If the video is crap I make sure to click out as fast as possible so maybe my visit will not count as a play.

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