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What’s your guess for what will happen in the US stock market next week?

Asked by JLeslie (61075points) February 28th, 2020 from iPhone

It’s Feb 28th, and the US stock market was down every day this past week, mostly blamed on the coronavirus.

What do you think will happen with the market this coming week?

It’s understood everyone is just guessing, and not giving investment advice. This is just an exercise for fun.

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Large swings bear and bull markets.

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Don’t fear Trump will spin this and blame the democrats for it, and all will be well with the world.

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I’m not a stock market expert. But. My understanding is that a lot depends on stability. Right now, there is little stability.
@Lucky_Guy , probably has a more accurate analysis, than me…

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Trade with Asian countries is crazy slow right now. Farmers are holding their breath. There was a great trade deal, but now it is a huge question mark. China has promised POTUS they will still purchase the agreed crops, but timing is likely to change.
Disney is bent over and taking it hard, with parks closed in at least four countries.

The market will be undependable for more than a few days. I believe there will be a leveling off point soon, but another steep drop before we see substantial improvement.

I’m wishing I had substantial finances to invest. It will hit a hard low before coming back up.
Trump’s second term is more certain than ever now. I would love to possess substantial stocks when he brings the Dow shooting back up.

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I predict continued good buying opportunities.

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1) I am going to buy several stocks that are at 3–4 year low prices and sit on them for a year or two and watch them go back up.

2) It will continue to be volatile so I have to take a long term view.

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The bottom is still in the future, the bottom maybe more than a couple of months away.

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The last five minutes of trading on Friday saw the Dow recover about 400 points as people covered their short positions to get flat for the weekend.

Volume was very heavy this week. Indications are not so much of continued steep declines as more like very choppy trading for the next six weeks. What will tell is the news on how many more “community”cases arise in the US, and also how people curtail travel.

Travel and all the spending that goes with it is a huge part of the economy. When Facebook cancelled its annual conference, suddenly thousands of hotel room reservations were cancelled, along with a lot of business dinners. That’s a lot of tip money that won’t get spent.

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I think there is a looming threat of recession. Boomers are retiring or close to retiring. They can’t afford a major hit to their portfolios so early in their retirement, so they are going to be extra jumpy and more likely to shift into safe harbors to wait out this uncertainty. That could create a panic scenario, especially if the news on the corona virus gets worse. This is only one of many possible scenarios, but I do think there is a higher than normal risk for this playing out.

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The virus, will likely spread to millions. But. Most will survive. Then. Things will go back to normal.
Seems like a good opportunity to buy low. Then get a good return later…

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It will fluctuate but continue a downward trend.

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