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Spore: galactic edition?

Asked by bmhit1991 (246points) September 1st, 2008

Does it have the same system requirements as the regular game, or slightly higher ones? And, here’s the big question: the box says “Mac” and “PC”. Does that mean that the disc inside to install it can be read on either system? I’m thinking about pre-ordering it today online, but I don’t want to get the one for PC and not be able to use it. Just trying to play it really safe….

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The “galactic edition” has the same system requirements as the base version. It just has extra videos, and a poster (stuff like that makes it “galactic,” apparently). As long as your computer meets the base requirements, you should be ok.

Nowadays, CDs are all written in the same format; PCs/Macs can all read them harmoniously. When they say PC/Mac, they mean that the one disk will install Spore to a PC or Mac. The galactic edition will work in your PC just the same as the regular version.

Compatibility is not an issue here. Order away!

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Spore is loaded on a DVD-ROM not a CD-ROM. We could only install it on the computer with the DVD player/reader. Just so you know.

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DVD driver, I meant.

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Very true, my gaffe. There is no way Spore would fit in 700 megs!

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