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Does Trumps sanctions againt Iran make Covid19 worse?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16347points) 4 weeks ago

Just wondering.

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Doesn’t really matter. Trump (and the right wing) are so ideologically against Iran politically, that the increased prevalence of Covid in Iran doesn’t outweigh the anti-Iran venom.

If Trump were a real president, we wouldn’t have gotten out of the Iran Treaty, and we would have an opportunity to be helping people live and showing the Iranian leadership that we are good people in America.

Instead, we have the bumbler who makes everything worse.

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It makes it problematic for Iranian authorities to mount a defense for the population of the country, and some accommodation MUST be arrived at exempting items necessary for bringing the disease under control within the country, because frankly there will be no restricting infection from the rest of the world if a pandemic is permitted to run wild in a nation of 81 million souls.

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Why just Iran?? Throw North Korea in there, too.

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