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Would you do more treadmill excercises if your computer with Internet was hooked to it?

Asked by seVen (3472points) September 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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Perhaps, but what would you do with all of that jostling around?

Hook up an FPS requiring the player to run faster to get the in-game character to run faster, and we have a good exercise program!

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I probably wouldn’t. We already have our iPods and iPhones hooked to Internet and we do not exercise more. Internet is better while relaxing on the couch!

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I hate the treadmill. I run 2–5 miles daily, so I don’t feeli need the motivation. Compared to running outdoors, the treadmill is torture!

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I love the treadmill and either watch or tape Jeopary! I wish that I could run outdoors, or anywhere, for that matter. Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait.

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I’d do ANYTHING if the computer was attached. I’m such an Internet junkie.

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um no, I don’t like reading while working out.

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yes yes
I would
but I would need a companion treadmill for my good dog

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Indeed, like shadling21 give me some internets and im good to go. I havent had a chance to use one yet, but they have these awesome exercise bikes at my girlfriends gym. There are multiple bikes all lined up next to each other with a screen on them, and its a racing game simulation. So you get to race the other people in the gym. When you go up hills in the game, it gets harder to pedal, downhill it gets easier and so on. Great motivation to exercise, after all who doesnt like a little competition.

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Probably. I’ve tried reading while using my treadmill, it slowed me down, plus the words looked like they were being jostled around on the pages, I was squinting and my eyes were starting to cross.
I found it difficult to just read, much less type and read. I wasn’t getting a good workout. But, if I could find a way to type and read at the same time as walking & jogging on the treadmill, I’d go for it!

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I probably would, but I’m so klutzy that I don’t think I could type and walk at the same time! My iPod is enough of a challenge if I’m trying change songs and walk!

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