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Who should helm the show replacing Hardball?

Asked by filmfann (49149points) March 3rd, 2020

Chris Matthews retired yesterday. MSNBC has a deep bench.

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Personally, I like Joy Reed. She is the obvious choice, but not my first choice.
I would like to see them bring back Keith Olbermann, but he burned bridges everywhere he’s worked.
I like Steve Konacki and John Holliman, but I feel they are better guests than hosts.

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Olbermann put the network on the map, and if I recall, discovered Rachel Maddow who brought in Chris Hayes. Joy is like the circuit judge, or dependable “substitute” teacher for the network. I don’t know who will get the gig, but have not one doubt that there will be a sharp mind and superior eloquence in the result.

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Nomiki Konst She’s a smart and fierce progressive. She tells it like it is and she has been involved on the inside of the machine of the Democratic Party. MSNBC could use a healthy dose of progressivism.

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Tyler Mathisen.

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Nicole Wallace. She is the best. I know she was the PR person for Bush and would probably vote for a Republican that isn’t Trump. But she is great.

And it is weird to think of Hardball as a good slot. Out here on the west coast it is on at 4PM. But I guess it is on at 8PM out on the east. I never thought of him as getting the prime-time spot. I had always thought Hayes and Maddow got the prime spots. Time-zones are weird.

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Anyone would be better than Matthews. Kind of like our President.

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