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Have you heard that toilet paper is being wiped out at stores due to the Coronavirus?

Asked by chyna (51406points) March 5th, 2020 from iPhone

Is this just a smear campaign on toilet paper?
What are your thoughts on the reason for the wipe out? What could be attributed to this mess?
Humor most welcome.

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Wiped out?

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That’s crap! Pisses me off!

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I thought it was especially a problem Down Under.

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@josie Wiped out meaning sold out as fast they can stock it.

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Reminds me about Johnny Carson saying there was a shortage of toilet paper !

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This thread is on a roll!

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@janbb Bahahahahaha…

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Well things like the news of this threat all ways scares the crap out of people so of course there would be a run on the stuff.

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Just saw this:

Coronavirus: Australian newspaper prints extra pages to help out in toilet paper shortage
Ben Smee – The Guardian

It’s the panic that keeps on giving.

#ToiletPaperEmergency or the great #ToiletPaperApocalypse, as it has been dubbed on Twitter, has already rolled out hundreds of memes, witty asides as well as documented the madness of people stockpiling the toilet essential.

In the real world it has led to Australian toilet paper manufacturers ramping up production to keep up with demand from people fearful of coronavirus.

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The idiots responsible for panic buying have something in common with loo paper.
That’s right, they’re arsewipes!

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It’s a real shitshow out there. Those of us with bidets are just laughing. :P

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Hope the virus doesn’t cause diarrhoea…that would be a crap shoot!

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I guess I’ll just have to drop the kids off at the pool without their towels. :(

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Hoarders wiped out TP from Costco in my area. What a shitty thing to do. Pisses me off.

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Over here, the weak minded snowflakes among us are bulk buying flour…yes, flour – hand wash gel & over the counter cough medicines, mostly for children.

They’re beginning to bug me!

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and bottled water too! As though our water systems will go down as the disease passes through.

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I bought a crate-load of TP last SaTURDay!

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The article I read did make it sound like a huge problem here in the US. In reading further, it stated that the main problem was in China where people are afraid to leave home. I think that Australia is also having a similar problem.

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