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Watching the wildlife: Which do you watch?

Asked by ucme (50047points) March 5th, 2020

Where do you see them?
Do they pose for you?
Are you photographing any?

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On my walks I see interesting things. Many different kinds of birds, deer,red fox,possum,raccoons,snakes,frogs,bugs.
I usually take my camera.
I often see things in front of my house. A lot of waterfowl but sometimes other things like muskrats,rabbits, skunks, woodchucks and a beaver on my neighbor’s lawn.
I would love to see an otter but haven’t yet.

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Well, there is crows, lots of train station pigeons (sometimes run over by trams), crushed and flattened hedgehogs, and the occasional hare.
Then there are the foxes outside my flat that make a ruckus many a night.

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@lucillelucillelucille That’s a good variety of animals, you’re lucky & yes, I’m a bit jealous.

There’s a wonderful nature reserve right on my doorstep, as scenic as it is the only wildlife you’re likely to see is squirrels & the occasional very timid deer.
Nowhere near the variety you enjoy there, but It’s a nice area, great for walking dogs too.

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@ucme – I like it here but we’ve been seeing coyotes around lately. I’m glad the yard is enclosed.
As for the nature reserve you go to. it looks beautiful!
@rebel- Very cute!

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@lucillelucillelucille I appreciate their menace must be a concern but coyotes in the wild would be great to film, at a distance mind you.

Yeah, It’s a lovely place to see & stroll around in. Always took our dogs there for a hike & had many a picnic in the summer.

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@ucme -They are beautiful.
My husband got followed by a pack of them late one night when the car died.
He walked the 11 miles home with what he thought was two different groups following him.
He said that he could hear them in the weeds making a chortling sound like they were discussing where to go out to eat that evening.
Apparently they decided against beefcake because he made it home. :D
That is the reason we finally gave in and got another cell after years of being phone free

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@lucillelucillelucille You see, this is what I mean, look at the adventures you lot have :D
The most dangerous thing that followed me home at night was a drunken wife!

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@ucme – The lessons we learned from this is that Converse tennis shoes suck for walking on gravel. I told him those f’n clown shoes are good for nothing
The second lesson is to coat one’s arse in BBQ sauce for the coyotes if you’re not going to bring a weapon.It’s just being considerate

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I observe them all. I will admit that the more dangerous the animal, I will watch it closer…

When I am in my canoe, I like to observe alligators. I try not to get too close. But. I will follow them a bit, and get away if I think they are about to become aggressive. Only on boring fishing days. Otherwise, I stay away from them. I steer clear, of the big ones. But. I may quietly sneak around an 8 footer.
I haven’t learned much, from them. Probably because they are aware of me.
They swim off to places, they feel safe. That tells me that there are probably bigger ones, I can’t see. So. I back off…..

I notice huge spiders, in the swamp too. I just watch, from a few yards away. But. I haven’t been able to find them on Google, or any other platforms. So. I hang around them, for a couple of hours. Eventually, they crawl into a hole, or just stand still. There is a specific grey one, that I frequently see. It’s bigger than my hand…
I see them on the shores, in the deep swamps. I don’t know much about them. I can’t find anything about them, on the web. They are beautiful. They look like tarantulas, with no hair.

They may be an undocumented species. I only see them, deep in the swamps. They don’t seem to have a web. They act like a crab.
I’ve gotten within 6 feet of a couple. They are definitely arachnids. I will surely see more of them, this spring and summer.

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