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Why does my cellphone loose charge overnight?

Asked by KingVitamin (3points) August 1st, 2007

I just got a refurbished cell phone on eBay which goes from nearly fully charged to dead overnight. I contacted the seller--who sent me another battery--and I'm still having the same problem. Did I get another bad battery, or is it a problem with the phone?

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most of the time is because your phone is still receiving data information. Turn off that feature before you go to sleep. You should see a difference. It helped with my AUDIOVOX plc and iPhone.

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I think I'd you are in a low signal environment some cellohones attempt to boost their signal thus using more battery life then normal. My blackberry drains fast because of this situation. Heard of a lot of hospital employees with this situation too

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turn off the bluetooth or the infrared feature of your phone if applicable, even though you are not receving data, if this features are on you battery metter will go down faster than usual.

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The cellphone uses energy regardless whether it's bluetooth/data functionalities are turned on or not. What kind of cellphone is it?

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Try the above answers, If it doesn't work, and you don't mind, simply turn the power off. Simple, but effective. And if maybe that doesn't help, pull out the battery.
I mean, who calls you at nighttime? :-)

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Mine would drain like that as well in areas with low signal, as it was said "boosting" itself.

Normally last days, but couldn't make it overnight somewhere with little or no coverage.

I had a Samsung VGA1000 and RAZR V3 with those problems.

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