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Where is Joe Biden?

Asked by Jons_Blond (8253points) March 9th, 2020 from iPhone

I see Bernie doing rallies, town halls and interviews. I rarely see Biden.


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I read somewhere that his campaign is actively hiding him, and limiting his appearances, because he is so gaffe-prone.

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Biden is ahead of Sanders by 20+ percentage points in Michigan. He doesn’t need to make a lot of appearances when he is that far ahead.

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@elbanditoroso As someone who wants to defeat Trump above all else, don’t you think shielding Biden from attacks now is counterproductive to the broader goal of defeating Trump in the general, since Trump won’t hold back? Isn’t a primary supposed to be a survival of the fittest so Democrats put forward their strongest candidate?

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Survival of the fittest also means that you don’t waste ammunition when the war (at least in Michigan) is already won. You don’t pick fights when you’re ahead. It’s a waste of resources.

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@elbanditoroso I completely understand why Biden would want to hide. I’m not talking about his strategy. I’m saying shouldn’t Democrats who claim that beating Trump is priority number one be concerned that they may end up with the weakest candidate?

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@elbandit Hillary was ahead of Sanders in the polls by the same margin in 2016 and Sanders took Michigan. Polls don’t mean shit.

Hillary didn’t pick fights in swing states and look what happened. She lost to Trump.

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Biden is hidin hahaha

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According to a quick google search he has two events in Missouri on the 7th. One in Mississippi on the 8th, one in Detroit yesterday, and one in Cleveland today.

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@Caravanfan How many minutes total was he speaking in public?

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Biden is addled and barely coherent. Exposing him to scrutiny would only harm his chances, and as long as he’s leading in polls, there’s no need to risk exposing him.

Boris Johnson avoided debates and interviews in the UK election campaign, and won with a landslide. It’s plausible that Biden’s handlers are following the same strategy. All that’s needed is a compliant media spinning a positive narrative for Biden and presenting edited and flattering interviews while attacking Sanders, and that’ll probably be enough to see him to the nomination.

How he’ll handle Trump is something they probably haven’t thought of, or don’t care about.

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@Kropotkin: “or don’t care about.”


If the corporate media can complete the Biden nomination, they have succeeded. Winning the general is hardly a consideration. It doesn’t matter to them.

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@gorillapaws I don’t know.. Can you think of any reason why his campaign might want to avoid huge public gatherings and rallies with large concentrations of people in one place?

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@Caravanfan Biden IS showing up to those, he’s just not speaking at the podium for very long: 7 minutes in St. Louis and 15 minutes in Kansas city. It sounds like you’re implying that Biden’s risk of getting COVID-19 is significantly increased if he attends a rally and gives an hour long speech at a podium instead of a 7 minute speech? Am I misinterpreting your comment?

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I’m talking about doing rallies at all.

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The disgusting thing is how slapdash amateurish the Sanders campaign is.

Anyone in the business world buys up a ton of similar host names, even with misspellings, for exactly the reason that @Jonsblond uncovered.

If the Sanders team was professional, they would have snapped up all similar host names 6 months ago.

Don’t blame Biden because the Sanders team doesn’t know what they are doing.

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Fact: Bernie cancelled his Cleveland Ohio rally set for tonight to avoid large groups of people risking spreading coronavirus among themselves.

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@elbanditoroso Good for him. It’s the right move.

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