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What should I use to patch the porcelain in my tub?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) March 10th, 2020

It is an extremely small cut in the porcelain. It’s thin like a dime, and just a few millimeters, but seems to have gone through to the metal. I think it happened when a friend of mine was staying with me. The shower curtain fixture came down and hit the tub. Thankfully, it didn’t hit her. I know I can pay someone to do a real patch that is seamless and like new, but this is so small I think I can DIY it. I saw there are several products, what is best?

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How about a little nail polish in the color of the porcelain?

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I actually saw products online that are for this very thing, but I wondered if anyone had any experience with any of them. I could maybe use nail polish too. The tub is white white. I think nail polish would flake off over time.

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@JLeslie: It probably would flake off but then you could just put it back on again.

Sometimes I use nail polish to repair a chipped ceramic item as long as it’s not for food, as long s it’s just for show.

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True. I do have white nail polish.

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