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What's the best pocket-sized birding guide for eastern US?

Asked by gailcalled (54647points) August 1st, 2007

Need water-repellent ( I fall into bogs a lot), clarity, ease of use, sonograms and possibly spiral binding for opening flat.

Audubon's is OK. Anyone use Sibley's?

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Sibley's is the birding Bible. Absolutely.

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That seems to be the consensus. Thank you. Just ordered a slightly used one from Amazon.

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BTW, w. good seeing where you live, check out the Nikon 8 x 32 7.5 degree at night. Use tree branch, roof of car, or window ledge as prop to support weight and remove hand tremor. Jupiter is very bright and easy to spot in late evening, Let me know whether you can see any of its moons from where you are. So far I have had no luck due to where huge pine trees grow on my property...

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