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Asked by peteylove (232points) September 1st, 2008

My bfff (best friend for f’ing ever) and i are exploring a possible relationship. Well he just broke up with his girlfriend. He told me that he liked me and always had. We were friends while he was with his girlfriend. I don’t know why they broke up and I am afraid to ask. But i have this huge fear that it was because of me. And if it was I don’t know if i can be with him. Because what happens when he becomes friends with another girl and stars liking her. Has anyone ever been through this?

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I think that you are making huge assumptions.

1. You have no way of knowing why he broke up with his last girl friend unless you ask him.

2. Perhaps he has always been interested in you and realized his feelings lately. Even if that was the case, and he did the right thing and broke up with his girlfriend when he knew he had feelings for someone else, why is that a bad thing?

3. How does any of this have implications for the future of your relationship? There is no evidence the situation would repeat.

I think if you have feelings for him, you should just relax and explore them.

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@ peteylove – what Marina love

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