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If two well-known flat-Earthers were brought to space and saw the Earth was not flat, would other flat-Earthers believe them if they attested to what they saw?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27699points) March 11th, 2020 from iPhone

Would these two flat-Earthers even believe what their own eyes would tell them out there in outer space?

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They would argue that they are in the matrix.

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Hype – nosis

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The actual observers might still claim that it’s a flat, rotating disk if they had a polar view.

For me this raises the questions of: how thick do flat Earthers think the “disk” is; do they even acknowledge a third dimension, and what landmasses straddle its edges?

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They would not believe it themselves in the first place.
There was this flat earther documentary, where the flat earthers did an experiment to show that the earth is flat.
The experiment showed the opposite, so they ignored the results.

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Anyone who seriously believes the earth is flat, is mentally ill.

There is too much observable evidence that the earth is round. and this has been known for thousands of years.

But the best evidence would not be from space, but from going around the world.

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I doubt that the 2 would believe it themselves & would have an alternate reality to promote their agenda!!!

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Only if it was reported on mainstream news by a mynah bird.

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Nope. I wouldn’t waste legitimate NASA, Space-X, ESA resources on them.

Let them fly their own rockets like Mike Hughes did recently.
His results.

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I’m convinced Flat-Earthers are hoping NASA will yield to this very idea and give one or more of them a free ride into space.

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Since this is social, I will ask the question—if anyone seriously believes the earth is flat (I wonder how many are not serious but claim to)—wouldn’t that person be regarded as mentally ill?

It is difficult to imagine a flat earth, when everything from the sun, moon, stars go around, to imagine flat—much less when flights are made around the world about a hundred times a day. Not all these people could be lying just to deceive people.

To think the earth is flat is about as logical as believing the sky is a solid, painted surface or that the world began when one was born, or closing one’s eyes makes the world dark.

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There are billions that believe in far crazier things.
Like a sky-wizard making a woman out of a rib.

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