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How much time do you lose each day looking for your cellphone?

Asked by janbb (56179points) 3 weeks ago

This is for anyone but Squeeky. :-) I end up wandering around several times a week until I do “Find my iPhone” on my iPad. Wouldn’t it be easier if phones were just hung on the wall or left on a table or something?

This is for fun.

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Mine lives in my purse, so always there. Now my tablet…aaaaagh! Where the hell did I put that thing?????

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I had mine surgically attached to my left hand.

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We have staff for that!

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@ucme Can you lend me a tweeny from time to time?

@canidmajor Mine lives in my pocket – except when it’s not there!

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I got rid of mine a long time ago on purpose but yep, I did wander about looking for it when I had it.
I call it a pleasant stroll. :)

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Aww how come I am not included?
I have forgotten mine from time to time when leaving the house 50% of the time if I am less than a block away I will go back for it.
I did just once truly lose it accidentally I threw it in the laundry hamper thankfully it was on so I just called it .

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@SQUEEKY2 Because with all your railing against them, I didn’t think you owned one!

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@janbb Of course I own one,I am just not addicted to it like 98% of the worlds population.
If I am more than a minute away from home I can make the day fine with out it, I turn it off at night, and most of the time it’s in my pocket not my hand.

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The i phone 6 fits perfectly in the leg pocket of my overalls. Even the big iphone 6plus fits there.

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@stanleybmanly Well, being a woman with smaller pockets, the SE fits in mine which is why I have not upgraded to a newer phone.

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Upgrade to carhartt overalls & accommodate the phone of your choice.

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I am also rocking a iPhone 6. I only use VLC, Safari, texting, yeah, that is about it. Plenty fast for my needs. I need to have the battery replaced. I can only get around two hours of use with it while unplugged. I barely use my phone.

I don’t even use a passcode or anything. Hit the button and you are all up in my shit. But I don’t do any banking or email on my phone. It is unlikely you would get any great info from my phone. I know it is unsecure so every action that could make it less secure is measured.

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Not much at all, my phone is in a Bright Yellow aluminum case so I see it all the time.

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I try to put it out of sight on purpose. Then I look very briefly, but usually end up turning on my laptop to use “find my device”. That’s been a lifesaver!

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