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Can a dog be trained to drive a car?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24650points) March 15th, 2020

Or any animal? Or at least to use a cross walk?

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I once saw a woodchuck look both ways before crossing the road.
I don’t know if he had specific training.
I won’t let my dog drive as he will crash into every single tree whether or not he has to use the bathroom.
I won’t let my cats drive either as I don’t want my car in the trees.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I just don’t trust them to make good choices

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My neighbor left her dog in her car while running inside the grocery store to pick up a few items. She had left the car running with the air conditioner on so the dog wouldn’t overheat & could still listen to the radio.The car ended up crashing into the outside wall of the store. When the cop arrived to investigate, he asked if anyone had seen what had happened. One old gentleman said he was watching when the dog jumped into the driver’s seat, hit the gear shift, & drove the car straight for the wall. He said the dog did an excellent job driving until he hit the building. Since then, she leaves the dog at home when going shopping

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Only if It’s a Land Rover.

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@ucme HA! Good one.

Dogs don’t see colors well. Might bean issue at signals. The concept of right of way may be hard for them.

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Cars, no. Buses, Yes. Why else do you see so many Greyhounds on the freeway?

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For what definition of drive? Yes, for some limited definitions.

Here are some dogs being trained to drive cars.

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No, you need two dogs for that.

One to steer and the other to work the pedals.

Etymologically, it’s where the expression “two dogs” came from (originally it referred solely to parked cars).

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I think dachshunds can. I used to hear a lot about a weinermobile.

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