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Can a gay guy dye his hair and still get a boyfriend?

Asked by Vlad96 (18points) March 16th, 2020

All right, here’s the deal. I am 23 years old gay guy and my hair is going super
grey lately (bad genes). It’s not gonna change my plans on dyeing my hair
but just curious.
I was just wondering would it be a turn off if i dye sometimes hair natural black?

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Why are you trying to tailor your life to make some unknown person happy? Do what makes you happy.

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What difference would it make? But get some of that stuff that changes the color slowly.

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Absolutely. There’s a guy at my gym who dyes his hair, and he still does very well with other men. He usually dyes it the same as his natural color, but sometimes he goes with lavender instead.

@Dutchess_lll I don’t think he’s tailoring his life to make someone else happy. In his details he said, “it’s not gonna change my plans on dyeing my hair but just curious.”

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He was worried about getting a boyfriend if he dyed his hair. It’s no different than a female asking “Should I have long hair or short hair? What do guys like?”

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I love the idea going with less than natural colors. It doesn’t look like you are covering, but just being stylish.
Lavender sounds fun.

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If grey hair were the”antidote” to homosexuality, every organized religion in the country would require it in preference to baptism as the premier necessity toward “being saved”

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It sounds like the grey hair bothers you, so go ahead and dye your hair.
When you get older, you as well as others might really like the grey.
My husband’s hair is silver and is very striking. I mean beautiful!

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Rock it! I wish all the rainbow colors were popular when I was young enough to rock it!
Do what you want.

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IF they don’t like you with dyed hair, they’re not going to like you with your hair natural either.
IF you feel more confident with dyed hair, that might well be a turn on. I use Fanciful which is a temporary dye that washes out. I reapply after every shampoo but I have better control over where I apply & how much I use. IF I don’t like the way it looks, I simply shampoo & redo!!! Sometime I just use blonde & it only covers the gray but it makes it look more like it is streaked blonde rather than dyed. Also, IF I change my mind about coloring my hair, I can just wash it out & go back to being gray or gradually allow the gray to return. I prefer having options!!!

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Gray hair is gorgeous! I am gay. I have a very close gay friend who has long, gray hair. It’s straight, and he wears it to about mid neck. It’s stunning! He turns heads.

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@Dutchess_lll “He was worried about getting a boyfriend if he dyed his hair.”

Yes, but being worried about the consequences of something and doing it anyway is a far cry from tailoring your life to some unknown person. It would only be tailoring his life if he was going to change his behavior.

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Good question

But in my opinion an even bigger question is can a straight guy dye his hair and still get a girlfriend. I only ask because I’ve noticed some gray hairs appearing. Beard too.

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@josie My response to you is exactly the same as what I said to @Vlad96. IF she’s avoiding you, it’s NOT because of the gray hair…you need to work on something else!!!

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