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Some space station questions?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30580points) March 17th, 2020

Could the Covid virus somehow be transmitted (through cargo) to the space station?

How would the astronauts deal with social distancing on the station?

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Maybe? Probably not.
I would assume that any shipments are thoroughly disinfected before launch.

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Transports to space ships are always sterilized. And the goods can be isolated longer than the life span of the virus.

and if someone gets sick they can put on space suits.

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Or be sent on a one way space walk.

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Don’t know how reliable the info was, but while checking on length of time for surface retention, it was claimed that 5–9 days was the average before it would be safe to touch again. Anyway, I assume that anything sent to the space station is pre-sanitized for their safety

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The world’s space programs, are run by the brightest people we have. I would hope that they have already thought this through.

Hypothetically, if it got on board, that would be bad. In zero G, a sneeze/cough would float around everywhere.

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Seeing as how other people have probably been sick in space, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. My favorite astronaut, “Barfin’” Jake Garn, studied this.

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