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Did you know elephants buried their dead?

Asked by luigirovatti (2325points) March 17th, 2020

They can visit an elephant graveyard centuries old and know instinctively where the bones of their ancient ancestors lie.

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I don’t believe you.

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They don’t bury their dead, but if any get buried, they can sniff them out.
The show attention to the bones of other animals too.

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From watching nature shows, I know they seem to mourn the dead, gathering around the body. And they seem to miss their dead friends and family.

Also they show joy when meeting old friends, even after years and years of separation. I’ve seen film of reuniting elephants and a keeper meeting his old charge

Get out your hankies!
Shirley and Jenny Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years

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They do not.

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Elephants will ‘bury’ their dead, covering carcasses with branches and even taking the tusks to be placed at a different spot. We cannot guess the precise meaning of that, but it’s clear that elephants are large-brained and social animals that live in complex groups. They recognise each other.

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and they play piano very well

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They certainly don’t routinely bury their dead.

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According to National Geographic they do, but I just don’t see it. What I did see was a herd grieving over a friend, but I don’t see them trying to bury her

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They are also involved in the arts

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The intelligence of most elephants fascinates me

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