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What can I do while self isolated from the Covid19?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19439points) March 18th, 2020

I have basic cable and internet. I ordered two pizzas and ate half of one. I have tried chugging Pepsi.

I’m not permitted to go outside for 14 days unless it is an emergency .

I’m running out of YouTube videos.

I can’t read much.

I am just laying in bed relaxing under the fan.

Am I doing social isolation right? I have been sick for three weeks. I have not been tested for Covid19.

My province, country, and city have declared states of emergency, and almost every destination or shop is closed except for groceries and the dr. Office.

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I think it’s important to be productive for part of your day. Learn something new on Coursera, or bake an elaborate cake. Clean the bathroom. Write a story or a long email to a family member. Taking care of something works well. Could be a plant, a pet, or a friend with a problem.

Good luck.

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Should I order extra cable channels ?

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@longgone Fluther is where I feel productive. Bathroom is mostly clean. Thanks for your answer. Keep listing suggestions until one hits me.

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Learn how to twerk.

Perfect your Elvis impersonation.

Write poetry all over yourself, then scrub it all off and start over.

Practice close up magic tricks, like card tricks and disappearing coins.

Learn all the songs and dances from Mary Poppins.

Scrub your home top to bottom.

Scrub MY home top to bottom.

Learn the national anthem for everybody’s country.

Can you speak fluent Klingon?

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@Patty_Melt Lol. I used to speak fluent Klingon and I forgot most of it.

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There you go.

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@Patty_Melt Library is closed. Just watching news updates. I will look favorably to learning French for free in the library at night online.

I watch a video game let’s play on Baldurs Gate 1 enhanced edition. On chapter 75 of 120. 20 minutes long each episode.

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Wax your dolphin.

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Get the boardgame/RPG The Fantasy Trip: Melee (currently free PDF download in consideration of all the quarantines), though you’ll need to print the hex map) and the programmed adventure Death Test ($10 PDF, or $20 in print ) and play it solo, and/or online. This is what you should do.

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Are you back on soda?! Noooo!
No more cable channels, its not in your budget remember?
(Spank hands)
Light exercise
Make perfect homemade bread
Go get tested. 3 weeks is too long.

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@KNOWITALL I was told not to go to dr.s until 14 days after I feel better. Last week I did go and the doctor didn’t test for Covid19. I was given gravol and pedilight.

The soda helps me cheer up and is only temp. I can’t get milk delivered except $3 each cup from restaurants.
Thanks for your consern.
I am feeling much better.

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Order up some anime!
I like

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You can do some stretching, sit ups, take cans of food and lift them like weights.

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You could write some fanfiction.

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I am reading a lot and playing bridge on a website.

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I’m a bit more high risk than most others, with a heart defect and a weakened pulmonary system as it is. I’m not going out unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve been watching a lot of streaming television (currently working through Godless on Netflix), listening to a lot of music, reading more than I have in quite a while, playing a bit of online poker and playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption II.

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If there are any nursing homes near you (This might not be in affect in Canada, but also if they are banned from visitors at the moment), write them letters. Right now, because all US nursing homes are on lockdown the one I work at is having people write letters to residents that are lonely or scared. Even if they aren’t on lockdown in Canada, see if you can do that. This is a scary time for a lot of people, and they don’t always get visitors to calm them.

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That is a most excellent idea!

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