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Are you beginning to worry that your complaints are starting to sound trivial?

Asked by josie (30458points) 1 week ago

A contagious disease is spreading like wildfire.
The medical treatment infrastructure may or may not be able to deal with it.
Commerce is shutting down.
Jobs are being lost.
Businesses that operate on tight margins or even leverage will probably disappear.
Even when the crisis passes, the economy, like a large ship, will take a while to gain momentum.

Are some of the things (not all, but some) that you complain about beginning to look trivial?

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First world problems are not exactly what the pioneers wanted, but they should have known what bringing civilization to the world would create.

Bad times make strong men, and good times create weak men.

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I like that.

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Context is everything.

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I don’t.
I’m waiting for my in denial daughter to feel it.

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I think it is man’s (that includes women) nature to complain. Things are never good enough for us. Sometimes it is complaining just for complaining’s sake, other times it brings about the seeds of creation and solutions to problems are found. Right now complaining that I’m getting soft around the middle doesn’t compare to all the other problems, but when things finally get back on an even keel (to use your ship analogy) and those big problems start correcting themselves, I will still be soft around the middle and that will be something to complain about…or to do something about.

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Don’t want to complain, but man that include women are men.

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Yeah, right on, leave Trump alone.
The guy’s a genius :D

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Maybe. I’m still self absorbed about the few things that are bothering me or worrying me prior to COVID-19.

I usually just have a few things that I’m complaining about without prompting. What I mean is, here on fluther for instance I might be on a Q complaining about something that was asked, or a bring up a topic, but the Q prompted me to think about it.

In every day life I don’t really complain a lot. I zumba, and have fun with friends, work.

Maybe it depends how you define complain.

I am much more focused on people being healthy and happy and comfortable right now. I don’t want anyone to suffer or die from COVID-19. Of course no one wants that. 4 known cases where I live. I heard one is hospitalized. I’m not sure if it’s correct information.

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Yeah, it’s a real wake up call for me about prepping better. They’re not looking paranoid now.

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What if my complaint is that I may lose my job? :(

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I have been in quarantine for 2 weeks, and will be another week. The food we are getting is crap.
And yet I feel like I am whining.

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I don’t really care how my complaints sound, to be perfectly honest. I’m aware that some are trivial, but that isn’t going to stop me from complaining (or venting or whatever) to someone who will listen.

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No complaints as of yet.

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