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Does it seem to you this Covid19 has turned into a mental illness as well?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20608points) March 19th, 2020

People are losing their minds with this panic buying and hording.

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Interesting question! Yes, I agree. Some people are going apeshit. Not handling it well at all. I guess they just have never had enough excitement in their lives.

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I find the grocery store interesting.

Out of pasta and sauce and chicken. And toilet paper. Everything else is plentiful and “beef meat” is overflowing.

But just those four items seem to be in demand. Oh, and thermometers are out of stock too.

But it is interesting to see what people prioritize. It would be cool to see what is out of stock by location. Like in Texas they might be out of steak and ground beef but have tons of chicken.

I like data.

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Not turned into a mental illness, but set off lots of reactions, including some crazy ones.

If you want some insightful and very deep thinking on the subject of apocalyptic thinking, what it’s about and where it can go, I highly recommend reading and/or listening to Michael Meade on the subject.

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COVID-19 is not a mental illness, but it is causing a rise in anxiety from the vast majority of people. It’s a completely normal response to a new threat to health and life. Different people use that anxiety in different ways. Unfortunately, many people have panicked. I pray things get back to normal quickly. I fear this will linger for months.

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It’s an insult to those suffering from mental illness to compare them to these fucking idiots!
No, the panicking morons are just that…thick as shit & selfish bastards!

Behave yourselves & give your daft heads a shake.

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I do agree with you on that @ucme .
The panic buying makes no sense except maybe they plan to make a buck selling it on line.

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The extreme hoarding and panic is bad. It has left some people without, and that was completely unnecessary. If everyone had bought a little extra over the last few weeks there would have been very few shortages.

I blame our leaders. From the beginning they should have encouraged people to stock up for two weeks of essentials in case they have to quarantine. Reassured everyone supermarkets will be open. Ask people to think of others, and that will assure there will be plenty for everyone.

Supermarkets should limit no more than 24 rolls of TP, limit certain products that people went insane for.

This past week they could have controlled shopping by making MWF last name A-M and TThSat last name N-Z Sunday could be everyone. It could be on the honor system, but still give some order to it. Something. The supermarkets turned into a great place to pass the virus they were so crowded and so busy.

The reason I didn’t have to panic is because I stocked up back on the 28th, went back a few days later again. Since then I just kind of replace what I have used if I can find it in the store.

My Republican friends seemed to get in panic mode when Trump finally told his people it’s real, a good two weeks after we Democrats started preparing. Trump’s denial actually probably helped me personally. I assume Fox news was on his page too, but I don’t know. There must also be some libertarian websites or something telling people not to worry and it’s all overblown. Maybe that is a mental illness; the denial about what is happening. It’s a defense mechanism anyway. They joke they are prepared for the apocalypse anyway, and have plenty of food and paper goods.

High anxiety is perfectly understandable for some groups. Older citizens with health conditions are at much more risk if they catch it. Older parents with young children would be worried about their children losing a parent.

Too easy to get neurotic though and start seeing the germs everywhere and obsessing about it. OC about it.

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My votes go to Jake and ucme.
I get the anxiety, and that different people react to it in different ways (ways I don’t necessarily agree with), but I’m also very angry and disappointed (not really disappointed, to be totally honest) with some people’s behavior.
First day after I came back to Holland and went to the supermarket I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Almost everything was gone; if I took a quarter of my shopping list home with me it was much (the least needed stuff also…).
Today I bought three courgettes and felt I overdid it a bit….
I’m absolutely no saint, but I do think it’s a mentality and/or upbringing question.

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It has upped the anxiety level of some. We see the just the opposite too with the Florida beaches flooded with “Spring Breakers” !

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Gawd, I wonder how many spring breakers down here are out of staters.

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Percentage could be 80% to 90% my guess @JLeslie .

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Anxiety is a mental disorder, yes, so i’d say you are correct by definition. Although with a global pandemic, to me, it seems fairly appropriate.

I see people trying to stay healthy and alive, while others could care less. So to me, that anxiety is natural at this time.

The fact that some infected are not exhibiting symptoms is my biggest concern, as it can spread more rapidly through those people. Like the NBA player that showed zero symptoms and has no signs but tested positive.

And honestly, keeping your family alive is a priority. People are losing their jobs. Businesses are closing. There’s a lot to be anxious about.

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Wankers on the beach are going to spray corno all over their home states like Peter North at the end of one of his videos.

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IMHO it seems to have given some media license to terrify, lie and greatly exaggerate the whole thing until the masses are whipped to a froth!

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@si3tech are you celebrating Spring Break in Florida ??

Ya missed Italy is upended. They are only 11 days ahead of the USA.

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A friend of mine who winters in Florida and sieves summer in Canada said Canada is asking people who cross the border to self quarantine for 14 days. Not a bad idea. I assume she’ll have to buy groceries though, so hopefully if she caught the virus during her travels she isn’t shedding it yet. I’m sure she’ll wipe her hands with an anti-germ wipe before shopping.

We should probably have people crossing state lines self quarantine. Too difficult.

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People are behaving as I expected. Avoid crowds—so they pile up in the grocery stores by the hundreds with lines so long that you are compelled to wait in them literally for hours.

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It exposes what is already there, the incivility of some in our civil society.

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