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Who came up with the dvd logo?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6759points) September 1st, 2008

who came up with the dvd logo, the wifi logo, the vhs logo, the restrooms logo or any other international, non-claimable logos.
and while were on the subject of patenting, what is that CE on all products?

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I can’t speak to the DVD logo (yet), but the CD logo seems to have been created by Philips (at least according to wiki)—which would make sense, since Philips and Sony created the CD in ‘82.

The CE mark is a European standards mark.

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The DVD logo is owned by the DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation, which is comprised by what seems to be mostly DVD manufacturers.

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The WiFi logo is licensed by the WiFi Alliance for properly certified equipment.

The VHS logo is most likely a trademark of JVC, the creator of VHS.

For most of the logos you list, they’re industry marks that certify that a product meets industry standards.

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The restroom logo (in the US) was apparently commissioned by the US Department of Transportation from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, another trade organization.

Here’s a really interesting article about it.

All of your logos have in common that they’re owned/designed by consortiums, most of which are trade organizations.

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The DVD logo was originally trademarked by Time Warner. The trademark was then ceded to the DVD FLLC in 2000.

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