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What's the best way to soften caked brown sugar?

Asked by janbb (59182points) March 21st, 2020

Going to bake chocolate chip cookies later and I’ve never found a great way other than pounding with a hammer. I guess I could put it in the food processor to break it up? Any other ideas.

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Play it a Celine Dion record?

If it was me I would wrap it in a tea towel and let it drop from 5 feet.
Just for the kick of it.

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Microwave Here’s the lowdown or if you a have couple of days before you are going to use it; slices of bread or apples slices.

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@Tropical_Willie Thanks. Baking today. Will try the microwave.

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A friend makes clay discs to moisten & place in the bag.
I don’t know if they work but I’d probably try the microwave with a little bit of water.

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@lucillelucillelucille I had one of those a while ago. It did help.

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I had used half of an apple earlier but his does work but the apple turn mushy and brown so that should be discarded .
I used the clay disk and that works as I keep it in the package always .

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I always used to keep it in an air-tight glass jar, and it stayed soft. Haven’t baked much lately, but it might be time again. I do love fresh oatmeal cookies.

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This is what the Food Network suggests. Before we had microwaves, my Mom always put hers in the oven with a damp towel & allowed it to heat up some. I don’t know what temp she used & she’s no longer with us for me to ask, so I’m guessing 325 F as anything hotter would ruin it & anything cooler wouldn’t dry the towel fast enough to help. If you decide to use the microwave, I suggest going half power to keep from ruining it.

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Microwave. I have brown sugar that is 3 years old and still soft. It’s in a plastic tie bag, and then inside of one of those canisters that clamps down. I highly recommend this method for storing brown sugar. My canisters look like this, I don’t remember where I bought them.

Mine have a silicone ring inside the top so it is very airtight.

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How did the cookies turn out?

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Great! at least the one I ate did. The rest went to neighbors…...

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My Mom always put a piece of bread in with the brown sugar.

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The microwave method that @Tropical_Willie linked to was pretty effective, but I had to do it about four times and scrape between. It was a large brick.

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