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If you are a pro health worker or a caregiver looking after a high-risk person at home, what extra precautions do you take with regards to Covid 19?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26675points) March 21st, 2020

How are you dealing with the situation right now, psychologically and emotionally? Thoughts, opinions and advices of non-caregivers are most welcome. Thanks.

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I’m in a high risk group and am not panicked. It is not in my nature
We are doing as advised, which is staying home.
For me staying home=getting things done.

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I work at a hospital in an office not around patients. I am probably at higher risk than a lot of people. But I continue washing my hands, cleaning my office and staying away from people. I’m not really scared of getting it, but I’m more hyper aware of those around me.

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I do home caregiving and other domestic work for vulnerable people and for the most part I’m just using smart precautions. Hand washing, gloves, a mask when appropriate (ie PCA which requires me to be close to a person.) I keep sanitizer and Lysol in my car and have spoken to all clients ahead of time to make sure we’re on the same page.

I’ve lost a lot of work in the past 2 weeks, but the people I am most worried about infecting are the ones who need me the most, so it’s unrealistic to stop going. It’s a little scary, I can’t lie. Though, honestly, I’m probably in a risk group myself as I have asthma and I have been hospitalized in the past with pneumonia, but I don’t qualify for unemployment as I’m not a w2 worker so I’m in a shitty position all around I suppose.

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Stay away from people as best you can and wash your hands frequently. The high risk person will only get the virus if that person gets in contact with someone who has it.

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I have care visits twice a week. They are not allowed to come in unless resident has a normal temp.
She puts on rubber gloves before entering.
Their temperature must show normal before they start each day.
They have a pregnant aide. She is office only.

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