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During this 2020 pandemic, are you at risk of spending money way above your usual spending level through internet purchases?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) March 21st, 2020

Whether these purchases are essential or not really that essential.

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I rather spend less on ‘luxury’, or (really) unnecessary products right now, so I can make a stronger buffer for dire times.

I’ve been eyeing a new phone, for half a year or thereabouts, but no way I’m going to spend that money on it now; it might buy me a couple of months food.

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No. I’m so afraid of running out of money that I’m becoming more frugal than ever.

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No, I’m finding that I’m needing less & therefore buying less!!!

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Not yet.
Keep in mind I haven’t spent any money on food, drink, or movies in the last month, due to the fact I was (1) on a cruise ship, which has refunded the cost, and (2) being held in quarantine for 2 weeks since.

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No! Not a chance!
If anything I have the feeling that we should be hunkering down and conserving.

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Buying online for me is a necessity. I can’t buy anything right now because suppliers are racing to fill glutted shelves. Thanks to nutjobs, my usual well planned buying is screwed. So, by online shopping is curtailed.

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Only using credit for food and bills.

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No. If I need food or household stuff I go to Costco, or the supermarket or Walmart.

About two weeks ago, I bought some stuff from Amazon to try to make hand sanitizer at home, but that’s about it.

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