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I don’t know. But there is obviously a lot of money to be made from this disaster in ways that honest people would never think of, starting right at the top.

For some, avoiding evil and the appearance of evil does not seem to be much of a priority any more when there’s self-interest to be served. Public accountability and shame have lost their curbing power.

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@Jeruba I think the whole delay in getting America ready for this was about money. I raised the idea on another Q; I was saying the Democrats in Congress immediately jumped in to pay for test kits and lost wages, and never asked how much profit would be made on the test kits. Democrats just handing money over to Trump’s friends.

The Jellies on that Q ripped me to shreds saying I cared more about the money than the people. Just the opposite! I want the government to make sure every person can get tested, and I want to ensure people can get sick pay from work. Overpaying for test kits means less money available for lost wages and less money caring for the uninsured.

The puzzle is so apparent to me. Trump fairly easily working a deal with the House of Reps—yeah of course, that’s the money he wanted for his business friends.

Trump has been promoting how both parts of government are working together, I think that’s calculated too. He can say he worked with Democrats during the crisis come election time. Our representatives in Congress are doing nothing to address this issue, it’s like they are too ignorant to figure it out.

Trump in the news conferences keeps talking about how government and private industry are working together. He has to make that point constantly, I think that is a dog whistle. Everything he does is purposeful in my opinion.

I’ve questioned in the past if gouging laws could be used for illness. Being sick or dependent on a drug to live is a natural disaster for the individual, how can we allow a company to make extreme profiting from that, I feel we have the laws already to fight it.

Now, we actually have official declarations of this being a disaster to ask for aid from the government. I feel that just reinforces what I have said for years, health issues are natural disasters.

I’m not completely against a profit being made, but it should be extremely limited. We certainly shouldn’t delay doing what’s right in this situation so a company can profit.

Our national deficit is huge, and now we will spend a ton of money. It’s so scary to me. The health of our people have been put in jeopardy and we also will be increasing the possibility of economic collapse while some people will be big winners.


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