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What (if any) are the effects of Obamacare availability, costs, and funding on the treatment (and testing) of people during COVID-19?

Asked by elbanditoroso (27795points) 1 week ago

If the Affordable Care Act were fully funded and not under threat of being discontinued, would medical care for ALL Americans be better than is today, with the COVID-19 threat?

To what degree have republican attempts to kill Obamacare exacerbated citizens suffering these days?

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I’m not sure I see any relationship.

Coverage through ACA is a fortune unless you make a moderately low income. Premiums have only gone up and up feeding the profits of the insurance companies. Do you mean fully funded so Americans don’t have to pay anything for coverage? The way the ACA is set up now it would bankrupt America to have more people on it. If something isn’t done about medical fees and insurance profits the ACA is an impossible model. If they do start regulating medical costs then maybe it has a chance.

People with higher incomes can pay for a doctors visit or test without insurance. Right now the fed will pay for the COVID19 test if you don’t have insurance.

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I notice there’s no activity here.

I for one am not touching this because
1) Too hypothetical
2) Too much bait for political posturing
2) While we have a real-world urgent situation that is the focus of attention

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